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Originally Posted by Fireindc View Post
LOL, what the ****?

God damn dude, thats pretty fucked up... reminds me of this video i saw on youtube, these dumbass rednecks are following this z3, while its in convertable form and yelling at him calling him a *** etc. The rednecks are the one with the camera, then the guy turns down a long twisty dirt like road, and the dumbass guys that are following him are like "oh we can play this game with our 4x4!" anyways, long story short the z3 goes to a dead end, the guys get out of their truck with baseball bats, the z3 guy pulls a gun, takes their camera, truck keys, and tells them that there keys will be at the end of the 5 mile road they just went down, and that they should get walking now.

******* halarious.

this looks like what you were talking about lmfao, basterds deserved it.
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Originally Posted by kotomile View Post
looks like he beat you to it
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Originally Posted by mxv View Post
jesus, i just had a guy come after me today on ******* foot! people are ******* nuts!!!

i was driving behind this dude he was going about 45 in a 45 then he takes this turn... same turn i am going on. but then he starts going like 25 and the road is still 45 so i pass him (illegally) and proceed into my friends neighborhood. he ******* follows me hauling *** to catch up to me and gets on my *** in the neighborhood. so i show my lights and he swerves infront of me and slams on his brakes and parks it and comes out after me..... so i threw it into reverse cause he was running and j turned it and took off..... i think i need a hand gun.
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