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Default Has anyone dealt with Isuzu Rodeos?

I have googled this problem the entire day and have yet to come up with a answer to why this car keeps blowing a 20 amp fuse (fuel pump). Apparently, it's a recurrent issue with the Rodeos. However, no one has been able to find a fix, or I haven't been able to find it on the web.

This is my father's car and has been running fine for over 3 years now. A few months ago he had the car worked on by a mechanic that scammed him. The mechanic returned the car and the fuse began to short almost immediately. The mechanic also seems to have disappeared so I have no clue what exactly was done to the car. My father told me the mechanic said he would replace the ECU, I inspected the car today and replaced that unit with another I bought at a local yard. The unit I removed looks like it was never touched.

The car turns on, idles, and it runs regular. There were no misfires or hesitation. However, after 20 minutes or so it shuts down because the fuel pump fuse blows up. I went under the car and followed the wiring to the tank and did not see any open cables that could be shorting. I didn't bring my multimeter with me so I can't take any measurements. The wiring diagram I found indicates that the pump is wired in series with this fuse. Therefore, my guess is that the surge must come from the pump overworking the circuit. Does anyone have experienced something similar or has done worked on an Isuzu? Sorry for the long boring story, any help will be appreciated, thanks!

TL;DR fuel pump fuse keeps blowing up. Someone may have messed with the car and I have no clue with what. Comment below.
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I know it's also a honda passport...

Have you changed the fuel filter recently? If the pump has to work too hard I could see it going to a sort of thermal runaway and pulling power till the fuse pops.

I owned a pink rodeo for like three days, only car who's red paint pinked more than most miatas I see. I guess they are tanks, or at least they have better-than-most gear under them...
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Yeap my guess too, a restriction somewhere in the fuel system, bent hose, kinked hose/pipe, plugged up fuel filter, or just a dying pump. If all that checks out, I'd probably install an amp-meter at teh pump and see what it's showing, then run 12V directly to the pump and check again. If running 12V directly to it shows less current, the problem (whatever it is) is not the pump, but the wiring.

I dunno what year this things is, but I had an 86' Isuzu Trooper II, and have worked on a couple 90's Isuzus. Wiring on the 80's was GARBAGE so if it's an older rodeo, just rewire the pump from the get go.
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Probably the pump if wiring and lines check out. Could also be a plugged regulator.
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Well I am back in Orlando and my dad went ahead and replaced the filter, but it did not help the issue. He said he'll keep me updated on the issue. Thanks for the comments
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