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Originally Posted by NA6C-Guy View Post
I guess I'm the only one here that doesn't understand reptile pets. Never interested me. Pretty to look at, but thats about it. Not worth the upkeep to me. I'll stick with cats and dogs.
I'm in the same boat on this. No interest in them at all.
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I had one of those pacman frogs and man do they grow fast. They also bite fast.... anything. They do bite hard, no where near as hard as a Tokay. They also move quick over short distances, like 1 inch.

I had a house gecko running around in the tank with the pacman and my little girl (maybe 4 at the time) told me that the frog was going to eat the gecko. I assured her Rollie (the pacman frog) couldn't catch "Gecko House" (she named all our reptiles).

Sure enough the next morning Gecko House was gone and the top was still clamped down tight. She cried and cried, and the only thinkg that I could think of to reassure her was to say I would get her another one (cause house geckos are so cheap... another funny story here). The tears stopped immediatly "Ok, can we go today?" Little kids can get over stuff so quickly. But then again that was one of the best pet shops that I have ever seen.
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