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I like my job as an armorer, when someone cops an attitude with me, I calmly try to resolve it. If that doesn't work, then I shut my window and/or have them detained.
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also what firedog was saying,is right on the nose.for the ******** around here.

yesterday i was telling a deli girl,how i want to strangle costumers and how i hate working retail or anything costumer related.
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Originally Posted by mazda/nissan View Post
i used to be a bagger at a grocery store and was in express, checked out some lady with like 30 items cause it was slow, then this guy got behind her and started bitching, so i told him to shutup or go to the service desk, he left immediately , this forum is full of haters
i've done something like that. the clerk was being a stupid slow t00l. and i got the manager to come. and she got replaced by another clerk while my stuff got rung up by the manager. and her friend, who was behind me in the check out line, who also threatened me, was escorted out of Target by the police.

my shopping experience dictates your wage. yes, you should do your job, else all the customers will take their biz elsewhere (think K-mart) and your *** will be out of a job. you're definitely not a doormat, but your job is to serve the clients, period. waiters in America often don't understand this concept.

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amen brother...
my only fault is that i have a short fuse and its easy for me to go off on someone like that, other than that im actually quiet peacefull
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I do these things every chance i get!
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My girlfriend is a waitress so I've heard about a million stories about arrogant ********.

Being a bouncer was a rewarding experience for me. Every idiot who thought they could complain to me got disciplined. My famous quote was: "The ten dollars you're going to spend on beer is not worth your bullshit. Get the **** out!" Once you let these ******** know their business is not needed nor desired- that they can't hang it over you- it takes the wind out of their sails and they shut the **** up.

As far as the OP- you made one mistake. You left. I'd have stuck around to see what happened.
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