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Old 03-01-2009, 08:08 PM   #41
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If it comes to pass, then it will be manufactured and taxed. After a few years the state of California will sue "Big Pot" for knowingly selling a known carcinogen to be consumed. There will be a big court battle and the state will get a "medical settlement" to supplement the state health care costs and that will cripple the manufacturers.

Then what happens?
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Well, looks like I'm no longer a mary j virgin. This new chick smokes a lot and well it was only a matter of time. It wasn't that bad...didn't do much for me though. I definitely wouldn't pay a shitload for it...but if it was legalized and at the local 7/11 then yeah...I would probably pick it up.
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I think there are just to many good points for legalization, and so few (if any) negative ones for a debate here...this is more like a rally, lol

I'm just yet to see 1 valid point for not doing it, everything mentioned can be addressed properly with correct regulations in place. We all know it cant jsut be a free for all.
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Yee for this legislation if it goes through, but boo on the 21+ thing. If I can be drafted I want to be able to smoke a bowl.
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I really think that the system in Amsterdam is a model that we should follow.

They limit the sale of weed to 5g or less per store, which means if you want more, you gotta go find another store to pick up another 5g or less. This seems to cut back on alot of the regulatory problems associated with it.
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Originally Posted by johndoe View Post
how powerful are the cotten and paper manufacturing lobbies? I'm sure they'd like to see it stay illegal.
Well with the huge amount of people behind the support for many reasons... one being just the taxes and the lack of funding to keep it off the street. You may see a lot more supports in Washington as they may fear the lose of there job if they don't vote for what the people want.
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