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Default looking for Vikki Atchley - m4w (Indianapolis)

LOL- original post

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-08-20, 11:53AM EDT

Dear Vikki-

Thank you so much for helping me straighten out my life! Falsely accusing me of rape was such a nice thing of you to do. Really, you caused me to have 30 of the worst days of my life, wondering if the prosecutor would actually believe your crap story and press charges. And the $3500 for an attorney…that was my money for a big screen TV and surround sound system…I hope my attorney enjoys watching the Olympics in Hi-Def!

But you gave me a wake up call…to stop going out and having meaningless sex with women who I couldn’t care less about. Yes…that’s you. You were a notch on the belt…nothing more. I was in a bad place after my divorce, and I laid every woman I could get my hands on…that’s the only reason your fat *** ever got in the same room with me! That, and you promised me ****…and you got it. I sincerely hope your *** hurt for a week…that wasn’t my intention at the time…not until a cop called telling me you filed a rape charge because your husband found out you cheated on him!

Now, I hope your husband and all of your friends see this. To set the record straight, you asked me numerous times to come to Indianapolis to have sex with you, because you and your husband had not had sex in a long time. I finally came to Indianapolis, you had a few drinks…no they were not laced with anything…you got horny, and you got laid…every hole, and you loved it! You even asked me to come back, only after I said “no,” and your hubby found out did you concoct the rape story.

Do you want to know how I convinced the detective that you were not passed out as you claimed? I looked at him and said “You’ve seen me, you’ve seen her…if I laced her drink and she was passed out in my car…DO YOU REALLY THINK I COULD HAVE CARRIED HER FAT *** ACROSS THE PARKING LOT INTO THE HOTEL ROOM?” About the time my attorney and the detective stopped laughing, the detective told me I had nothing to worry about…no charges would be pressed!

But thank you anyway, because after this incident, I turned my life around…met a nice girl that I can carry across the parking lot, and we got married. Hopefully, she is more faithful to her husband than you were to yours!

To Mr. Atchley, I’m sorry I did your wife. She told me you two were separated and you had thrown her out of the house…which is why she was staying in the hotel in the first place. While at times my morals have been less than desirable…I have NEVER tried to take advantage of a married woman! She told me that you two were done.
PS - Just in case you ever get to read this, I got 2 emails today from perfect strangers telling me that this has started to circulate the internet via email, so if you were not horrified enough by this point...take comfort in knowing that potentially there are thousands of people reading this! Maybe you will think twice before you go around make false accusations again! Cheers.

* Location: Indianapolis
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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"and you promised me ----…and you got it"

Hubby has gotta love seeing this.
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yo thats funny as hell, sucks for both dudes tho.

women can't live with em.....(end of sentence)
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a+ thread.....omg, cant breathe
this is pure awesomeness

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Owned, indeed. ^5 to the poster.
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everybody flag that **** for "best of craigslist"
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