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Old 04-03-2010, 12:15 AM   #41
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Yea I was in a similar situation for about 5months...While I won't bash you, I WILL tell you most of the serious things said here are true...

Not sure how old your kid is, but mine was just 9 months old and I can tell you it's a handful.

-Bust your *** = +100000, she will start resenting you FAST.
-Spend and enjoy every minute you can with your kid, you won't have these opportunities when he/she grows up and ur job begins to take over again...its priceless
-With schoolwork I don't see you having any free time, so don't worry about it. Chances are any small blocks of time you will have may be JUST enough to catch your breath or plan your next move.

If you are truly going to fully handle all the household chores, and have even the slightest intentions on doing it well, you are severely underestimating how much work is involved and how quickly the day goes by. I found a new respect for my wife during this time.

Each chore is simple enough, its the combination of baby + house chores + errands that will make your day melt and before you know it she's home and your wondering wtf you did all day.

SO in summary, don't sweat it because your new role will have you well occupied IF you are intending on doing it properly. Otherwise, consider yourself a leech or having super powers, cuz it aint easy son
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Originally Posted by neogenesis2004 View Post
How about you do what a normal house wife/husband would do. Take care of the kid, the house, wash dishes/clothes, vacuum, make dinner, etc...
I don't even have to read another post, you win.

And you already said it, so a simple +1 will suffice for me.
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Okay this thread is pointless.

The house is clean.
The car runs.
The laundry is done
Homework is done.
Dinner is cooking.
The baby is taking a nap and will be for a couple hours.

Now I guess I'll watch some movies. Thanks for all the cool ideas and not being asshats.
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Originally Posted by Turbo_4 View Post
Okay this thread is pointless.

You started it...

Originally Posted by Turbo_4 View Post
Thanks for all the cool ideas and not being asshats.

I thought there was good advice here. Most of it comes from a little thing called experience. They say knowledge is learning from your mistakes, and wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others.

You're the one that's a dad and saying you have nothing better to do than play video games and jack off...I'd say goodbye to both of those right now and I promise you'll have a richer life.

If you really need ideas, go out to the garage, I can never have enough garage time, and my car still has a two page list of things I'd like to do.
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Old 04-03-2010, 03:35 PM   #45
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Plenty of Asshats around here!

I'm facing a similar situation sans kid and later in life. Wife's very successful and my business has been in the toilet since housing tanked. I know if I close the business and become Mr. Mom it's gonna take a ton of work to keep her happy with me. I'd have to become the best damn 1950's housewife there is but still maintain some sense of masculinity. Yeesh.

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