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Originally Posted by greenday3437 View Post
Usually you cant have your car until you reach whats called phase 2 in tech school, which means u can dress in civys on base, but to go off base you have to wear blues (from what i remember)

Also, im not sure about now, but when i went in, enlistment bonus was pretty much not heard of in the AF.
It's still the same as far as the Phases go. Bonuses are not offered to any jobs in Aircraft Maintanence anymore as of (June 04).

KPLAFIN. Keep the Miata. You will be better off considering gas milage and reliability. I started my AF career (almost 4 years) with my 97 Miata. Bought it at my first duty station. Hasn't failed me yet(Knock on Wood). You will save more money with it to pay off old debts and then you will have enough to spend it all on it. W/E you do, don't get married at Tech School like some people. It will be doomed from the start. And don't get caught breaking phase either. All hail the Gut-Truck at 0900 break during class.

Avioncs careers range from E/E (Electro/Enviormental), Comm/Nav(Communication,Navagation), GCS (Guidence, Controls), and Radar.
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Originally Posted by kotomile View Post
At first I was confused what the disagreement was, but now I see. Yes, you're right, I wasn't thinking about the planes. I'm assuming the aviation avionics techs mostly work on the A-10? Or maybe I have it mixed up entirely, the avionics techs I know teach their craft to AITers at Fort Gordon, and they work mostly on the radios and other signal equipment in helos. Two of them came straight to Gordon from SOC, talk about culture shock!!

So I suppose those who turn wrenches on the actual flight systems fall under aviation corps?
Yes. The Army doesn't have A-10s. They have Sherpas and a couple others I can't think of, off the top of my head.

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Originally Posted by AlexO35 View Post
From what I've seen the avi guys work on any and all of the electronics on board. From the battery packs and radar systems to radios and NVGs. All aircraft types and in all branches....

Again, I'm not sure how it works in other branches, but in the Marines you contract is for a job field not the job itself. In my case it was the 6000 series, aviation maintenance. That covers everthing in airframes, power plant, ground support equipment.... all sorts of stuff. The couldn't promise just power plants. Just something else to be aware of.

Guaranteed JOB that i want based ont he contract I will sign. If i want in faster i can sign up for a job in the mechanical, or electronics FIELD, but as of right now I'm waiting for an avionics technician spot to open up.
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There you go. You can wait for the job you want. The Air Force will always be there.
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