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Originally Posted by Efini~FC3S View Post
The saddest part of this story is "ThatGuy" lives within a couple of miles of one of the best road courses in America. He could have spent his youthful years hanging out at the track learning the way, instead of wasting his youth on sh*t.

I was never really a ricer but I do have some similar stories about luckily missing out on street racing tickets and run ins with the coppers.
Could have, however I think they would have kicked out a 16 year old wanna-be racer in a completely stock cavalier
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Nope, a little ace hardware that is out of business now.
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I was about as anti-rice as one could get. Personally wanted the biggest piece of **** I could find to be hella quick instead. Kind of the same story, everyone I knew were ricers and I wanted nothing to do with it. Helped a friend remove the stock POS engine from his 1990 civic and put in a bigger piece of **** "ZC" then laughed my *** off when it was slower. Ran a 16.0 on stock motor (WOW!) and a 16.8 w/lower MPH after the swap, yet this kid swore up and down he beat 5.0 mustangs.

A kid in my auto technology class had an automatic V6 4th gen Fbody that he put Z28 badges, dual exhaust, and ZR1 wheels on. Finally asked him one day what his motivation was and how it felt that a ford Taurus was quicker. Never will understand that. Some guy that lives around my neighborhood somewhere has a 4th gen V6 with dual exhaust, 6" cowl hood, and slicks/skinnies. Why? The money he spent on that could've bought him the ******* V8 car!
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Never really was a ricer, but I was 16 in 2002, pretty much the height of the ricer movement. First car was a Turbo FC that I kept until 08. It went through various builds for autocross and track days. I never street raced with it, and haven't actually street raced to date. I get silly on mountain roads sometimes but it's always when I'm alone. I guess growing up in a family of relatively serious road/drag racers made it tough to buy into the ricer thing.

I did however know some pretty serious ricers in high school. Two of them had 1st gen Integras with the loudest exhausts in the world, and the other guy that hung out with them had a late 90s V6 mustang. I pretty much just made fun of them because: 1) they were all talk, and 2) all their talk was completely made up so they could impress other kids and so they could be "the car guys" at the school(super small high school, graduating class of 80). I met them at the Wednesday night drags at Infineon once. They were convinced that their cars were faster than mine, so I agreed to go. They barely ran 17s with their Integras and I can't even remember what the Mustang ran. The FC was clicking off consistent 12.5s then. They didn't ever really talk to me again after that and people suddenly started listening to me about car stuff instead of them which pissed them off pretty good.

I guess such is life when you're a teenager, the starvation for attention drives you to rice unless you know better
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16-18... I was driving a '96 240SX with a Redtop SR20DET swapped in it. Everything body/wheel-wise on the car remained stock. Only hint it was modded was the boost/AFR gauge and the GReddy FMIC. Also was running an APEXi R-95 Exhaust (only one in the US for that chassis). So I was more around baller-status at that time as this was before everyone and their cousin did SR swaps. Glad I wrecked it, because I would likely punch a baby if someone asked me if I drifted now. And YES, all of this came out of my own pocket including the car. I did eat a lot of rice out on the highway though...

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