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Got some tickets for a movie premier we thought would be sold out, they ripped us too. **** ticketmaster, I'm waiting until the movies are on dvd for that price.
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my thoughts on the situation.

Of course, even the artists are getting screwed by pay structure of the entertainment industry, so the above graph isn't even fully accurate.

Fun fact, I had my credit card information stolen immediately after my first (and last) Ticketmaster online purchase.

oh, and hey everyone. long time no see.
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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post
Anybody remember the tax levied upon the sale of blank audiocassettes, which was disbursed to the music industry? Still exists, actually. It's imposed on CD-Rs labeled for audio use (which are rare) and on CD recorders.

The motion picture industry has labored (unsuccessfully) for years to impose a similar levy on videotapes and now DVD-Rs.

Face it. Anything having to do with money and the entertainment industry is corrupt. Always has been, always will be.
I didn't know they did that here in the ol USofA, but look what they've enacted in Spain. Spain's Department of Culture can now close any website without a court order. They can also shut down the internet connection on anyone they want.

Also, it looks like they have an "Artist Tax" on all media peripherals, from MP3 players to DVD-R's.

Full text:
Spanish Government Destroys P2P and Basic Freedoms - Piracy - Gizmodo

Now that's Freedom Hating at it's finest.

On the whole Ticketmaster, I agree with the OP. Boycott Ticketmaster, let your wallet do the talking. Atleast in Austin we only have a few venues that use them and you can usually avoid using them for everything other than stadium-sized shows.

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I can't wait to see what our government has in store for us over the next 5-10 years in regards to little taxes here and there. They keep slipping them in thinking we won't notice, and most don't until they look and notice their pockets are empty and remember being charged a tax for every ******* thing. I do my best to stay away from extra charges or taxes, which is why I only shop online when I know I won't have to pay any tax or shipping. I'm sure I'm still getting screwed somehow in the end. If everyone was to boycott Stick-it Master for a month I bet they would change their tone, or maybe the government would hand them some money to help them stay alive and keep charging retarded fees.
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