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SM, here's my yellow/black Gixxer 750 (recently sold)
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I like scooters. When I'm in Kona I ride one to bypass traffic and fuel is close to $4 a gallon there so ~80mpg is kinda nice to have. Same dangers as any other bike but atleast I won't be doing 80 when I get hit considering top speed is 45 downhill WOT.
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1 gallon = 3.7854 liter (just googled)
1 liter 93 octan costs 1.5 euro...
1 Euro = 1.3415 U.S. dollars
1 gallon in Holland costs: 3.7851x 1.5x 1.3415= 7.61dollar ...
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yep you just now figured that out? But you need to look at this as well the average american commute is 15 miles or better thats 25+ km one way. Factor this in with our lack of mass transit and we need to drive alot more than people in Europe and other countrys. Factor this in with the fact that just 5 yrs ago gas was 1.30 $ for 93 octane and it is now about 3$ here in KY and has been for 2-3 years. That is a increase of 230% in 3 yrs. So imagine that in the space of 3 years gas in the Netherlands became 3 euros a liter and that is what we are bitching about. The wages and economy have not caught up with the increase in fuel prices. No matter what the overstreched us credit market say or how many times the fed bails them out. Wich is BS btw. We need some drastic deflation in this country and we need to get our asses out of the useless wars we are fighting and stop killing of our youth.
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