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Default The watch thread

So, after some discussion on watches in the ramble thread I've decided to start a dedicated "watch" thread.

The guys over at the rolex forum have been extremely helpful in finding out more about this vintage tudor oyster prince I found. I highly recommend the forum, just as mgeoffriau recommended it to me.

It seems this watch has a little more history behind it than expected.

I'm still going to do a little more research before I list it for sale, but I have an idea what I'd like to get for it. More than likely though, I'll just start it at $9.99 and let it go for whatever it ends for. Maybe.

So lets see what you got! I know pushy's parents have probably flooded his *** with expensive watches over his lifetime, so lets see some more of them.

Who's wearing the most expensive piece on the board??? Who has the biggest collection? Post em up!
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Everyone in my family gives me crap for my obsession with watches. At last count I think I had 30, but most of them are not very expensive. Most are Citizen, Seiko, classic Invictas, a Fossil(first watch, still got it!). The nicer 3 watches are TAG, Rolex, and Breitling, but they are all lower level units. One day I will have a black face Rolex Daytona, damn I love that watch. Although spending $10,000 on a single watch would really bother me.
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All I have is the very first watch I got, a fossil. I like it. Neutrally timeless. But after the first battery lasted nearly a decade, every subsequent battery lasts less than a year. ---- that. I'm in the market, doubt I'd be able to afford Vash's though. Tell us when it goes up for auction.
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Sorry, I had to..
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Sorry for the mostly terrible pics.

Lately I've been wearing G-Shocks mostly. Just works well in my work environment, it's lightweight, tough, and cheap to replace if I really mess it up. I've been wearing the white one recently.

A watch I will never sell if I can help it. Seiko 6309 restored and modded by Randall Benson.

A watch I will pass down to my children. It was given to my grandfather for 30 years of service with Detroit Edison, and he gave it to me. I replaced the stretchy bracelet with a nice leather band with a deployment clasp and wear it as a dress watch.

A watch I will inherit. My dad's Seiko chronograph.

Owned previously, now sold:

MMT Blackwater

Marathon TSAR

Marathon SAR

Another Seiko 6309

Same Seiko 6309, different strap

Citizen Ti EcoZilla

Plenty of other watches I've had and don't have pics of...more 6309's, some Seiko Black Monsters and Orange Monsters, some Seiko 007's, a couple Marcello C Tridente's and Marcello C Nettuno 3's, a Poljot chronograph, and I'm sure some more I'm forgetting.
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I just started collecting. I am fascinated by mechanical watches, I purchased 3 in the beginning of the year. Nothing expensive. One is a very cheap Chinese automatic skeleton, that with a little adjusting keeps pretty good time. The second is a popular Indian made(the country) HMT. And the third is a "vintage" Citizens.
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mgeoffriau, I have a Seiko very nearly the same as your father's watch - slightly different dial. I love it. I sniped it for about $19 on an eBay auction.
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I bought a bunch of inexpensive watches when I was in grad school. I was poor and hadn't yet begun dumping money into car parts. Found these pics in my Photobucket account that I took about 8-10 years ago. Guess I should take these out and wear them one of these days.

Poljot Aviator. Stock strap in the pic, but I have it on a Hirsch carbon strap with a deployant clasp and it looks ****. Manual winder and you have to unscrew the crown to do so. I wore this for ~3 years continuously and those threads got a little stripped after ~1000 cycles of use. Still looks good though.

Since that cheap Russian watch was serving me well I decided to pick up another. Soviet era Raketa with a 24-hour dial and world time function. Manual winder. Build quality isn't awesome but it's a good timekeeper.

This pic better shows the radial brushed texture of the dial.

Seiko 5 with the ubiquitous 7S26 auto movement.

For most of the last 5 years I've worn a blue Orient "Mako" diver. I never took pics of mine and it's looking a little rough ATM, so I've stolen a pic of what a clean one looks like. These are a real nice value, around $110 on ebay.
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Some really nice looking watches guys!

I may start shopping around for a vintage Rolex for myself!

One of the members on the rolex forum priced my Tudor prince pictured above between $750-$950 in the current market.

Not bad considering I almost threw it the ---- out!! I'll probably get around to listing it this week.
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I had really bad luck with cheaper watches, so I bought a Tag Aquaracer (fairly low end Tag diving watch) and have worn it every day for the past 3 years. Scraped it against brick walls, dropped it multiple times, etc. Hasn't missed a beat and still looks almost new. The glass looks immaculate.

Kinda like an MX-5 of watches!
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Got a nice TAG for my 21st birthday, 16+ years ago. I ran over it "butter side down" with a C4 Corvette after I responsibly took it off and set it on top of the front tire while I was helping to change the battery. A few years after that, I broke the original band. Remarkably, it only has a couple of scratches on it from the last decade and half of hell I've put it through.
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i rock costume jewelry watches.

and magically, I dont destroy them like you guys seem to enjoy doing to your fancy tag heuers and rolexes.
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After trying all week to make it to the jewelry store with just no time, I decided to buy the tools my damn self.

So now I have a case holder tool and a case opener tool on the way.

Open watch, check markings, take pictures, list for $749.99 with no reserve. Cross my fingers. lol
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