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Old 01-28-2008, 01:11 AM   #21
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Neither of those were a torsen...

I kinda like it...would I drive it? prolly not but I like the fact that its a coupe car even if its orange.
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I hope you didn't pay a penny over $1100, cause that's how much they are worth.
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Originally Posted by Markp View Post

Who's idea was it to get married and have kids while you are in college (I assume that this is why you need more seats!) This would have not been a problem otherwise.
Uh, try that I needed something to haul **** around in while still being able to enjoy it.

And since when did a wrx or forester get good gas mileage?

snowboarder - you didn't buy the Torsen because I drifted it a couple times? Looks like somebody doesn't know **** about diffs.

hondaman - I suppose their actual "worth" isn't a penny over $1100, but a car is only worth what somebody will pay for it, and thankfully fanboi's wouldn't mind getting *** raped for a true GTS.

I paid $2500, but that got me a full 8pt roll cage, extra set of 15x7 work equip 01's, rebuilt engine [with all the paperwork], 2 schroth racing harnesses, a trd harness, nardi wheel with nrg quick release, an extra toms steering wheel, 8/6 trd springs, agx shocks, jblood sideskirts + front bumper, buddy club spec 2 exhaust, some "kouki" lights, cf trunk lid, and some other ****.

I could sell the car for $2500 on its own to some dumbass trying to be like Tak. I plan on selling all that extra gay **** for about $1000. So let's just look at this as an investment. =/

I just don't understand what the fuss is about, I don't think this is a better choice than the Miata in any way. I just needed a small, light weight five seater that was good on gas and still fun to drive. ******* shoot me if the PO riced it out.

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I like the Ae86, there fun cars. I prefer the hatch over the coupe.

Its a nice car and are fun to drive. My buddy wrecked his Ae86 but he had the 4a-gze swap done (stock supercharge motor from a 1gen MR2). They are a blast, it sucks that the prices went thru the roof lately.

I hate the color, but the rest of the car looks nice. I like that bumper it looks better on the levin style over the treuno.
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Originally Posted by blaque View Post
snowboarder - you didn't buy the Torsen because I drifted it a couple times? Looks like somebody doesn't know **** about diffs.
He didn't buy it because you were asking a premium price for a diff that had been abused. Watch whose toes you're stepping on, here.
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