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Old 03-16-2011, 10:12 PM   #1
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Default What s**t have you had to install twice? (or more!)

Over the years:

I went from the non-sport, to the sport suspension.
Then to the MSM suspension.
Then to Tein HA
Then to the Tein Flex, and played with 4 combos of spring rates:
5/4, 6/4, 7/4, and 6/5.
Then to the FCM coilovers.

And then I went from stock front bar, to the 1" FM front, then to the RB 1.125" front. Which had a built-in twist. Which I had to remove to take a photo of to prove to RB it had a goddam twist in it. Which I had to re-install to go autoxing. Which I had to remove again when I got the replacement.

I've tried no rear bar, 11 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm with various spring and front bar combos. Now I use the 11.

In 2000 I installed an AVO turbo. Happiness for many years. Then the manifold cracked a few years ago. So I installed a BEGI log. And lost spool. So I upgraded to the ETD shorty.

And I upgraded my AVO i/c to a TDR i/c.

I first installed a TEC2. Then uprgraded to the TEC3. Then the Hydra. Then the AEM.

I had a custom 2.5" exhaust built. Then the hi flow cat disintegrated after several track days. In goes a metal cat. That died too, due to oil burning (see below). Then Magnaflow came out with an even larger final muff. In it went.

I started out with the PBC "MAX5" clutch. Happy for many years. Long story involving wife, I installed a Clutchnet "Stage 2.5" one-side-is-Kevlar-the-other-is-organic. Nice soft pedal. For 15k miles. Damn thing wore out, only on the organic side. Now I have an FM stage 1.

The stock 2000 motor was nice. Until I over-revved it badly and it popped a rod a few days later. In goes an 8.4:1 GTX block, with a hone, new rings, and my original head with some DIY porting. It lasted about 30k miles, then started burning oil. Maybe the incident where the oil change puke forgot to tighten the drain plug and the oil exited the engine while I was driving had something to do with it? So in goes new rods, pistons, and a VVT head.

I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day....
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Pretty much everything on/in my car, and I'm still not happy with any of it.
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Did a '00 head swap only to find the head needed planed

Have removed turbine housing 3 times to try and fix the WG issue

Removed 6speed transmission, engine in car, 3 times trying to fix an oil leak.

Removed engine to rebuild, installed rebuild engine, removed rebuilt engine b/c of an oil pump ****-up made by my builder, took it back to builder who fixed oil pump, installed engine, found severe oil leak, proceded to remove 6-speed several times (see above) to fix the fluid leak before removing the rebuild engine AGAIN to fix the oil pan seal that the builder fucked up when he replaced the oil pump that he fucked up (Don't ever have an engine rebuilt by "stewart racing engines" in indianapolis, IN, btw) and installed the engine. I'm finally somewhat satisfied, and there's no oil puddle on the ground anymore.

Replaced oil pump twice (See above)
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Old 03-16-2011, 11:47 PM   #4
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Suspension 3x (koni's with stock springs, broken front top hat stud, then coilover kit on koni's), timing belt for front main x2, clutch for rear main 2x, shift boots inner/outer 2 times including some service issues, Link piggy back then TEC-2, rear caliper several times, audio system more times than I want to admit to, UGGG, and now I'm doing a motor swap for shiggles, thanks for making me question my sanity.
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B5 S4 downpipes. Three ******* times.

First time was to install piggy pipes, second was to install 3" DPs, third was for my last build.

I still have scars.
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Koni RACEs, removed them for XIDAs, then back to Konis, then put my own set of Xida Clubsports in.

ACT HD/6-puck, put it in, TOB seized. Shop tore out tranny, replaced TOB, no other problems. Tore it out ~30k later and replaced it with 949Racing cerametallic twin.

Blew up the original Torsen, took a spare open diff, JBwelded the case back together, put it back in. It leaked. Tore it out, built an Rx7 LSD, put it in. It sucked. Tore it out, put a 4.10 Torsen in. Tore it out, put a 3.909 Torsen in. Tore it out, put a 3.63 Giken in (loaned). Tore it out, put the 3.909 Torsen back in.

First motor lasted me from 130k (bought the car) to ~158k. Blew it up, holed the block, tore it out and trashed it. Put '99 motor in, tore it out ~3 months later to build it. Cranked the new motor, leaky HG, tore it out, swapped HG, reinstalled. Blew it up 5 months later. Sourced 02 block, built it, put it in. No oil pressure. Tore it out, replaced the oil pump, put it back in. I'm sure it was out two or three other times, I just don't remember.

Original 5-speed lasted 6k under boost. Blew it up, tore it out, replaced with spare 5-speed. Replaced the 5-speed a few months later with a 6-speed. Hit reverse on an attempted WOT 5-6, broke reverse gear/slider/synchro/5R fork. Tore it out, borrowed a 6speed for an event. Tore it out, put the rebuilt 6-speed in. Blew it up 8 months later. Tore it out, replaced it with another 6-speed.

Original turbo setup was Bell with a .49A/R T25, Megasquirt, 460cc injectors, stock FP. Swapped for a GT2554R 2 months later. Ran the 2554R with that setup all the way through onto the first built motor, then swapped to the ABSURDflow 2871R setup and RC750s. Switched to a 190lph Walbro on the way, then to a 255lph. I've got a DW300 on the bench ready to go in. Blew up the first motor, swapped the intercooler, ECU (to AEM), injectors again (to ID1000s). This doesn't count the grenaded 2871R CHRA from turbine bolt failure. The only original parts from my turbo kit are the oil feed restrictor, a couple of the IC pipes/clamps/couplers, and the wideband (and that's had a sensor replaced).

Interior is no better. Started with MOMO/Willans, Harddog bar, then tore it all out and put a TC cage in, Sparco containment seat, Schroth HANS belts.

Brakes are the same way. Stock 1.8, HP+s, then Porterfield R4, then Raybestos ST-43. Switched to M-Tuned brackets/Corrado rotors, went through a few sets of XP12s. Switched to Wilwoods, went through a few more sets of XP12s. Switched from DL4 to DP6 caliper, wasn't impressed, switched back. Finally switched to Hawk DTC70 pads, ate a few sets, then switched to 11.75" rotors.

Started on stock wheels, bought 15x8 6ULs, sold and bought 15x9 6ULs, bought and sold Advan RG-IIs, sold 15x9s and bought other 15x9s.

So just in case you were keeping track:
-3 different coilover setups
-2 different clutches
-5 unique transmissions
-6 unique differentials
-4 unique motors
-2 radiators
-2 race seats/cage/belt setups
-3 unique BBK setups
-4 sets of wheels

I'm leaving so many things out. I've had four different hardtops (including a fastback) on the car, two different wings (GTC-200 and 300), and god knows what else.

The subframes, front spindles/tie rods/steering rack, axles/driveshaft/PPF, and the front fenders are all OEM. Pretty sure everything else has been hacked/replaced/heavily modified.
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-Removed my stock seats, put Corbeau A4's in, removed corbeau's and installed stock seats.
- I think I'm on my 5th audio deck...
- 3 motors
- 3 turbo setups, 5 turbos.
- 3rd set of wheels
- Removed pop up lights, installed flush kit, removed flush, installed custom square lights, removed those, installed stock pop up lights.
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Since my 97 was wrecked, I've actually uninstalled and reinstalled EVERY part on my 95.

But for grins, here's my suspension.

Stock -> AGX
97 springs -> early 1.6 springs
GC kit with some sort of Eibach spring
Hyperco blue spring swap
NB tophat swap (before anyone was really doing it) with cut down Jeep bushings.
Back to stock suspension after my AGX erupted from no lateral travel due to the razor thin poly bushings.
Swapped rear HA springs for longer ones.
Swapped TEIN gold pillowball tophats in rear.
Wrecked the 97
Got TEINs rebuilt, then installed in my 95.
Added dp6061 tophats in the rear, swapped TEIN gold tophats to the front
Added FM's shock spacers to the rear to get back to a reasonable ride height.

That's a lot of suspension jobs.
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Wow what a great thread.

This year I've taken off my hotside at least twice

downpipe at least 5 times which means taking out midpipe and stupid underbody chassis brace

wastegate twice (once to un-reverse it, second time to put wussier springs in). note that to install wastegate you have to take off the turbo and downpipe which means taking off water and oil lines... argh

installing ATI damper twice

3 timing belt jobs this year- first after bolt on timing plate punched through
gates belt and belt jumped teeth, second two for ati damper install

altnerator (only once but it was an ecu setting that fixed it, not a bad alternator)

That's really about it this year. Despite the gaff that Scott gives me for never driving my car, I actually did drive it boosted for about 2 years straight without anything happening other than my downpipe falling off my turbo.
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Wastegate actuator.

Started with the standard Greddy can, made a bracket when I clocked the compressor down. Then made a new bracket for the Garrett (FM1) can. Then that snapped at about hour 18 of a 19 hour drive (San Angelo, TX - Jacksonville, FL) and I made a beefier one.

Take away - make sure not to design any stress concentration into a part.

I bet you can guess where this bracket failed:
Attached Thumbnails
What s**t have you had to install twice? (or more!)-img_1078.jpg   What s**t have you had to install twice? (or more!)-img_1081.jpg  

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Jesus Christ I'm not the only pathetic ******* here.

I wonder if I'd bought a $40k used Boxster back in 2000, or an S2000, kept it stock, and instead of spending time wrenching, flipped burgers instead, if I'd come out ahead...
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just about everything but that is how we learn ****.
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I forgot about wheels and radiator.

I first got a 2" thick SR radiator (the RX7 guys in the bay area), before Koyo came out with their 2" NB radiator. It lasted about 3 years then cracked, because it used epoxy. I now use a CSF radiator.

Wheels - stock, then Rota, then Comp SSR's, then added 6UL track wheels.

Tires only last me 8k miles.

Front speakers - tore out Bose crap within weeks of buying the car and installed some Audaxes. I recently replaced those bec of water damage. I also recently upgraded the audio processor I had.
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tomorrow will be the 3rd time I'm taking off my soft top to run hard top only
also replaced the god damned water pump 3 times due to leaks.

thats about it
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Oh yeah, radiator too. Went from stock to Godspeed, that lasted a little over a year IIRC and began to leak. Then went to a Koyo 37mm.

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Lots of wheels, lots of brakes. Problem is I tend to upgrade one system at a time, such as brakes+wheels/tires. I put the new wheels on while I wait on brake parts, then take them back off to put the new brakes on. Then back off again to put stock wheels on while I get new tires mounted. I need a lift, if only to lift my car 1' up.

My engines been out about 6 or 7 times, seems like clutch or sealing the oil pump is the reason.
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In no particular order, just off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm forgetting quite a bit.

Stock exhaust - FM duals - Enthuza duals
Starion IC setup - FM3 IC setup - Custom IC setup
Stock hood - FM vented hood - Autokonexion hood
Rod Millen wheels - Sportmaxx 002's - 6UL's
Blue pop ups - Mid-tenn flush lights - Black pop ups - AAC CF flush lights
Stock computer - Greddy emanage - MSPNP
Stock injectors - 1.8 injectors - 460cc injectors
Greddy manifold & dp - FM3 manifold & dp - ARTech manifold & dp

Ive taken some parts (mainly the turbo stuff) off/on over a dozen times for whatever reason. I think thats what got me aggravated with the car. Always working on it and never driving it.

Like magna said, live and learn.
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I have done all my suspension twice parts of it three times, motor 4 times, and countless other things. My previous exhaust was the 7th on the car. I had a dyno so I made one that made the most power on my N/A
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Suspension twice, soft top twice.
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turbos and engines which have blown.

Do things right the first time.
injectors i cheaped out on initially, and remembered why i dont cheap out on things.
went from stock to Venoms which i bought from a user here which werent listed as venoms and then ID 725's.
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