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Originally Posted by Project84 View Post
I make $2k a month. :(
Now imagine you go to work tomorrow and find out you have the option of making $1500/mo or have to go to another country (with a high level of unemployment) to find a new job...

Milton is persuing his financial goals. He might be heading down a different path than you, but the effect is basically the same.

- L
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i make 2k a month during the winter and 1500 during the summer and that change is a major pain in the ***. i dont want to think about what it would be like to loose 2k a month, especially if you like to indulge yourself every once in a while. you get used to a certain life and trying to adjust your way of living to accommodate a lower wage is a lot more difficult then you think. all of a sudden something that you could buy without a second thought might be the thing that causes your bank account to hit $0. but at least you have a savings account just in case.
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Originally Posted by Project84 View Post
I make $2k a month. :(

EDIT: and live on my own, pay all my bills, insurance for 3 cars.....

Granted, I know all about "level of comfort" and understand someone who doesn't want that to change, but dude, you make bank. Tough it out. No reason to get all "huffy-puffy"
How would you feel if you had to take a $500 reduction in pay? Do you suppose it would affect your life-style? You don't know his situation and can't possibly have an opinion on how his money is used.
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I don't know his situation, correct. I do know my own, and even at $2k, I don't live beyond reasonable means.

NOTE: No matter how much you bring in, be sure it's more than you send out.

Besides, he's built an $18k safety net, obviously he manages his finances correctly, and could **likely** easily adjust to $2k less per month.

PS: Are we talking gross or net btw? I don't think it was ever mentioned.
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He's exempt. Gross = Net.
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