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Originally Posted by SloS13 View Post
This one time I was chillin in a parking lot and a truck full of badasses surrounded me and were like "hey you're a ***" so I began furiously uppercutting them in the face and doing whirlwind kicks. The're bodies littered the parking lot. It was a massacre. I walked up to the one who was obviously the leader. His windpipe had been knocked in by a well landed uppercut to the neckal area. As he gasped, pleading for mercy I cut off his head. I am...the highlander.
Too much WOW for you...

And I thought Rican's stories were a stretch...

There's a couple of cute gay folks in our club, but I think they're married now...
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Wow some of these stories made me really laugh hard. I don't feel so bad now. I have all the common little things you get in any car that draws attention, only one "bad" incident.

I was out, backing up out of a bar at close....when 1 after 1 about 15-20 thug wanna be kids surrounded my car. Telling me **** your car **** you....all one kid could say was "whys the car so small" over and over, as if he wanted to see my dick. They told me it was for something I did on the highway, but wouldn't tell me what. IDK, I couldn't recall anything that would bring this on. The crowd yelled, my friend got sucker punched in the nose....and I flew outta there! I have pride and will fight if its needed, but I know when to get the **** out as well. Bad end to the night, at least I wasn't the one that got punched....I still don't get that.

It definitely takes two types of people to drive a miata. The people that get style bars and are oblivious to looks and comments....or the people that get rollbars and expect it.

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Wow some of you have horrible luck haha

I get **** from my friends a lot, I got "Barbie car" constantly at tech school, but I haven't had any strangers talk **** to my face yet. Only incident I had was when I was mildly tailgating some jackass when I was 17 (I was behind him for maybe 10 seconds max). He brake checked me on a single lane one way road so I was boxed in between him and the car behind me, got out and came up to my car screaming. Considering I was harnessed in, I kept my mouth fairly shut and just asked him what his problem was. Nut case.
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I've never had a gay comment yet?... But I got into a nice yelling match at a 1/8 mile race cauz i wouldn't pop my hood and was beating modded cars and i was telling them my car was stock with cali/smog. Well thats because it was stock and i just went with the argument.

But for the how nice the car looks i get are mostly just.
"that thing is small"
"how do you get over speed bumps?"
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Old 03-23-2008, 04:03 AM   #45
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I really get sick of the gay jokes personally. Every day I see a million cars that are 11tybillion times gayer than a miata including *.scion, anything volkswagen, SAAB.. Easily I know over 150 people who own miatas and not a single one of them are gay -- Well there are these two women in our club... lol.

Often enough I hear the gay cracks when I'm rollin' with my friend in his 94SC car and its some douche in a BMW or redneck piece of white trash in their dodge truck.. Normally I have to try and just take things with a grain of salt, but seriously one of these days some douchebag is gonna end up with a BIC Ball point pen in their throat.
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I usually get good comments on the car, but living in one of the major spring break locations for the US (unfortunately including Alabama and Georgia) there are plenty of bros and chads driving around to yell things.

Once, when driving back to class after lunch, I was on the outside of a two lane left turn lane, and some asshats in there truck took the inside corner to fast swinging wide. I honked the horn as I swerved into the right turn lane (I didn't want to turn right) causing all 5 of them to yell ***, queer, and all the other things their little squirel brains could come up with. Without thinking I grabbed my freshly opened can of soda with my left hand and threw it out of my car, through the passenger side window of the truck, and into the lap of the driver. This caused him to swerve and take out a construction barrel and a speed limit sign.

Usually when people yell thing like *** or the like at me, I just respond with "YEAH, I SUCK A MEAN DICK!"

That usually makes them stop and think.
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