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Default results TxMC rd. 3 @ Texas World Speedway

What a weekend! Started out looking like rain, sprinkled in the morning and during an early session but that was all and the track never really got slippery. The track was very loaded for the guys running in the TT group. nearly 40 cars. matter of fact, this was the highest car count for Nasa Tx. ever if i heard right. Almost 200 race, tt, and hpde participants. Kudos to them as everything ran smoothly and on time for the most part.

Anyway's besides the traffic we had a strong head wind slowing us down the frt. straight. I think times would have dropped at least 0.5 second on sat. It was even worse for the guys that stayed and ran on sunday. (TT not TxMC)Most people were down 1-2 seconds that day with a steady 15-20mph wind gusting 25+ mph at times.

It was nice to meet some drivers new to TxMC including a few of the guys from forum. Hope to see you guys at our next event @ Harris Hills Road in june.

It was a great weekend and i believe fun was had by all. here's the results:

Unlimited Class

1st place: Dan L. (sixace) 1:58.991 10pts.
2nd: John R. (zx-tex) 1:59.766 8pts.
3rd: John W. (johnwags) 1:59.935 6pts.
4th: John Z. (spoolin2bars) 2:01.629 5pts.
5th: Trey R. (hustler) 2:05.233 4pts.

Modified Class

1st place: Jeff P. (jeff-man) 2:05.884 10pts.
2nd: Carter W. (doghouse) 2:11.132 8pts.
3rd: Paul Porto (pgporto) dnf 1pts.

Street Class

1st place: Matt B. (syndicated) 2:09.7 10pts.
2nd: Chris K. (xxxxxxx) 2:10.8 8pts.
3rd: Brian S. (fidgitk) 2:15.07 6pts.
4th: Ashley O. (xxxxxx) 2:15.434 5pts.

Notable and sunday laps.

Zx-tex busted out a 1:57.537 on final session sunday! Congrats john!
My buddy josh in his v8 corolla ran a best of 2:02.8 I believe it's 6sec. faster than last year. (star specs custom agx coilovers vs nt-01's and stance this year)
My other buddy Jake ran 2:02.0 in his bone stock boss 302
Chris K. dropped 7/10's on sunday to a 2:10.1 despite the head wind.
I dropped down to 2:00 all day sunday. I had my one chance on Sat. with clear track in session 4. I was going faster everywhere until i reached the front straight. my car's safety limiter kicked in due to engine heat (about 225*) and i coasted past the start finish line at aprox. 60mph and still ran a 2:01. Oh well, thats racing right? My thunderdome bumper and gurney flapped wing had my car planted, but when i actually had clear track on sunday the aero slowed my car down the front straight quite a bit.

Lastly, i want to thank Colin (tanner) for the trackmate rental. And Paul (pgporto) for the excellent photos.

See y'all in june!
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Woo! I didn't come in last!
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