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Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran

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Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran

Old 03-05-2018, 04:04 PM
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Default Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran

Bought my 04 Speed back in 2012 at 50k, and enjoyed it in basically a little enchilada configuration for the next 4 years as my daily. Then, thanks to reading too much here, got a touch of the bug...it is now the toy.

This is just a fun street machine, local autocross, run the strip for fun car. Hopefully hurting some feelings along the way.

Stock Motor:
Bought a previously owned (uninstalled) MS2e along with some RX7 550cc injectors. Did some tuning, enjoyed the much smoother power delivery, and just MORE. Then added an EBC, more boost. One day, we (me & son-in-law) decided some E85 sounded like more fun. Spent the day tuning with boost around 16ish (stock turbo still), and Virtual Dyno says around 280hp. Pretty excited, but not sure how 'real' that was. We decided to cool the turbo a bit, when we started hearing a not so good sound. Turns out being low on oil (thank you fake oil pressure gauge) and 'allofit' was not good. Started to eat a bearing. Of course, the son-in-law (and some friends) convinced me I wanted more than just a rebuild.

Build #1 (Late 2016):
Based on some reading, I decided on an E85-only build.
  • Supertech 11:1 85mm (I can't do math) Pistons with Wiseco rings
  • Manely Rods
  • Boundary Engineering Oil Pump
  • SuperMiata Damper
  • 36-2 Trigger Wheel
  • LS Coils (with Hawley bracket)
  • Flyin Miata Happy Meal (Level 1 with 10lb Flywheel)
  • ACL Bearings
  • ARP Main/Head Studs
  • DW200 Fuel Pump
  • ID1000 Fuel Injectors
  • FM Manifold with Upper Downpipe
  • 'Chinican' GT2871R Turbo
  • Custom 3" Exhaust
  • eBay Intercooler with FM piping
This was pretty fun for a couple weeks. Never even really got it tuned before we broke a wrist pin....completely in half (image 2). Motor #1: done.

Supertech got me a new set of pistons for half price, and we tried again...after sourcing a new block.

Build #2 (Spring 2017):
  • Supertech 11:1 84mm Pistons with Wiseco rings
  • MS3X Kit
  • Real Oil Pressure sensor
  • New rod bushings (some were a mess)
  • Rest of the goodies from Build #1
  • 'Real' LS Coils (pretty sure I had knock-offs)
Things went pretty well with this one. Was making fun power, except clutch couldn't hold the power above 3rd. Then some smoke. Then some more smoke. Then a bunch of smoke. Broken ringlands on all the pistons. (Images 3/4)

After this, I was pretty down...and we had an autocross in 7 days. My son-in-law looks over at his 94 that we had just set his motor back in (that's a future plan) and says 'We could just use that motor'. Hmmmmm

Build #3 (2.5?) (Early Summer 2017):
Not having any time (and a bit low on funds), we simply threw the original MSM pistons (9.5:1, 100k miles) into that block, along with all the previous goodies. New bearings, but that was about it.

Retuned...again. We ended up turning up the boost (28ish), and more timing.

Ran several autocross events (most with dual drivers), and the drag strip a couple times. This thing just ran. Virtual Dyno says we were around 330hp in 3rd (5th wouldn't hold consistently).

Then one night at a test-n-tune, I decided we needed more timing. Then I forgot about it and we sent it...Adjusting fueling probably would have been a good idea. Halfway down the strip (it's only an 1/8), we're blowing smoke like the space shuttle. I'm looking back through the fog, and see the emergency vehicle flashers...looked sweet. They seriously thought we were on fire.

Get it torn down (getting pretty good at this part) to find one piston with a bit of problem (image 5). Good thing the rings held it together. No other problems.

Build #3.1? (2.6?) (Later Summer 2017):
So, we do what anybody does, tossed in another piston of unknown mileage.

Ran several more autocross events including a two-day event, hit the drag strip again, and a Wesk KY Streetcar madness event.

Just before our last autocross event, I decided to take the car to town (I live a bit out in the country). I noticed my AFR getting richer and richer. Hooked up the laptop to see what was going on, and noticed the water temp...282. Crap. I used to have problems with the MS and my fans, and a reset would get them going again. So i shut off the car while still rolling, turned it back on...didn't restart. Doesn't seem to have any compression. It was done.

This thing looks like it's been through a fire. Seriously BBQd. Factory temp gauge never moved off cold (probably should have been my first clue something was wrong).

Finally got around to pulling the motor a couple weeks ago. Pistons were still completely intact, which was a surprise. The rings were too, they just happen to be stuck in the pistons. Still no clue on why it got hot....guessing I lost water somehow.

So here we are at what I hope is my last build for a while.

Build #4:
  • Wiseco 10:1 84mm Pistons
  • New ARP studs (figured they'd been reused enough)
  • ACL Bearings
  • Squaretop Manifold
  • New Radiator
  • Flyin Miata Level 2 Clutch
  • New Water Pump
  • DW300 Fuel Pump
  • FP535 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • DW Hardwire Kit
  • 4 Port Boost Controller
  • Dual Port Wastegate Actuator
Block is at the machine shop now, and most parts are sitting here waiting.

So what have we learned? Dave is not very car-lucky/smart/something. Seeing as how I had almost no engine experience going into this, I've learned a lot, and made mistakes. Blown up the Megasquirt and repaired it (note to self: make sure battery leads are on right).

I'm planning on being a little more conservative on this motor, but I thought that last time too.
Attached Thumbnails Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran-gedc0009_0ba8c203db0704825b52668b4a068e4aa06c7c93.jpg   Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran-16523989_10158134831380048_161585374_o.jpg   Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran-received_10158823668540048.jpeg   Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran-img_20170618_164657668.jpg   Thor - I used to be a MazdaSpeed that ran-20170826_104357_5614.jpg  

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Old 03-05-2018, 04:35 PM
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Dang man. You make me feel SO much better about my mistakes. Thanks!
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Old 03-05-2018, 06:49 PM
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Damn. Thats a lot of failures.

Are these things being thrown together with no micrometers, or what? Are you reving to 9k rpm? Seriously... wtf
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Old 03-05-2018, 07:42 PM
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Lol. Two different engine builders, except the last one that was just stock pistons. It was hitting maybe 7400rpm.

The last failure was loss of coolant somehow, I think.
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Old 03-05-2018, 07:58 PM
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And I agree... Damn

And I didn't get this in the build threads section. Awesome
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