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Default 2000 Miata - Auto X HPDE Car

Hi Everybody,

I sold my 1996 Miata a couple of weeks ago, and didn't even make it a month before buying another Miata. The old car was red paint with black interior, and had 135K miles. I changed the timing belt when I got it, put in a Hard Dog Hardcore roll bar, and put 2000 miles on the car in 3 years...

I bought a replacement Miata last weekend. It's a 2000, 38k miles, black paint, black cloth interior, black top. I've actually driven this one, almost 600 miles in a week! Granted, 400 was that from Baltimore to home, but I still daily drove it all week. I would like to put bronze 15" 6UL on the car, and an Ace roll bar.

My plans with this car are to build a capable Auto X, HPDE, and daily driver.

I've had turbo cars before, the most potent one was a FD RX-7. I got it bone stock with 29102 miles, and turned it into a single turbo 413rwhp monster. And it sucked. I totally ruined that car by making it unbelievably loud, no PS, no AC, no ***** below 4500rpm. I want to avoid this with my new Miata.

I want to build this Miata to be a daily driver, but still have twice the power of a stock Miata. I've looked at the FFS kits, and was sold on them until I started researching on this site. I've considered the Rotrex kit, but would like to see what Jackson Racing ends up doing with them. I've considered turbo, but am worried that it will lead me down the addictive path of a little more boost, a little bigger turbo, and I would end up ruining another Mazda.

I basically want to make the maximum daily drive-able HP on a stock engine. Suggestions are welcome, thanks.

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Welcome. I DD my setup: Garrett T2860 @ ~10 psi making 250whp. I did have to put in an ACT Extreme clutch, but drivability is great and 250whp is definitely enough to mess around with at HPDE's and on the road (I got a nose on a C5 Vette). However its not ideal for autox. That much power takes a lot of skill to use on a typical autox track and is usually a hindrance.
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Would this car be a dedicated track car or do you also intend to also drive it on the street.? Its auto part is perfect for tracks..

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Originally Posted by kurtdaniel View Post
Would this car be a dedicated track car or do you also intend to also drive it on the street?
did you read his post?

im guessing since you only put 2k miles on your last miata this is a second vehical for you?

if it is then you might want to go alittle more track then street with the miata. finding a balance between those 3 is a hard one to do. by no means am i a master at this. track days are going to be higher speeds need more aero work and balanced car. autox much less concerned about aero and i like my miata set up alittle twitchy aka no rear swaybar and some toe in. where i would not want to take my set up on a road course. daily and autox can blend pretty well but you asking for 3 points of a triangle and asking it to do all of them. not saying it isn't posible just saying compromises will have to be made

Just my thoughts good luck
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