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Default Another "Potential" Miata Turbo...

Hello y'all. I've got a 1996 SM that I built from the ground up. The miata has more miles on the track than the street! It has started its 8th year on the track. I am now looking at adding more power, just researching which direction is most reliable. And my definition of reliable is 10/10ths on the track as I do with the car being naturally aspirated. So complete V8 conversion or turbocharged? There are pros and cons to each. I like the linear power of the V8, but what a lot of work! Then there is the sweet power band above 4000 rpms of the turbo with the heat issues. I'm not necessarily looking for that 300-400 HP from the V8, but with a complete drivetrain conversion, reliability increases. I like the 175-190 HP gains from the turbo, just concerned with the overheating issues. I just want to be able to thrash my car for 10-12 sessions at 20-25 minutes per session one weekend a month and sometimes twice. I can do that with my SM. Also, I'm an instructor, so I get a ton of track time. My goal is to research and gather information, ask silly noob questions and make a decision by mid summer. Input on the direction I should lean supporting what I want would be very much appreciated!
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Welcome to the site smartmx5
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Welcome to the site! Your power goals can be very, very easily obtained.

For the "heat issues", most of us would recommend the TSE radiator. Here's a link: With this radiator and proper ducting you should never have to worry about temps.

As far as your power goals, any off-the-shelf turbo kit can get you there easily. Throw on a set of inconel studs and you got yourself a reliable track car.
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What viper said, buy the right parts and install them right (ducting ductin ducting) and the over heating issue isn't and issue. Don't forget an oil cooler too though. For a $100 in fittings and lines, a $50 rx7 oil cooler from the junk yard doesn't even need ducting to work amazingly. And a $350 set of rods.

Consider v-bands too, see hustler's build thread to learn what it takes to make a reliable track car.

You have to pay to play, but turbo setups can be reliable if you do them right.
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Welcome - you are going to have fun with either route. The costs of a basic turbo setup vs an LSX swap are drastically different, so your budget will partially dictate which route you go. My vote is turbo!

Also, be aware that V8 Miatas have heat issues as well. I very seriously considered buying an LS6 swapped NB last year, but despite the owner's best efforts he still had not fully got his heat issues under control. He used the forward mount kit, which didn't leave much room at all between the radiator and the front of the motor. In an NA you'll have even less room (although a rearward mount kit would help).
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welcome welcome.

as has been said, check out hustler's build thread, as well as Savington's documentation. Both of those cars are very solid track dogs and will steer you in the right directions.
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Welcome, smartmx5!
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Thanks for the welcomes and suggestions!

Viper- thanks for the lead on the radiator and ducting idea. My shop buddy has an old FMII kit and we have ducted the mess out of it and put in added venting in the hood. Seemed to help so far, unless I drive it. ;-)
Curly- your post helps give me some confidence on going with the turbo. I'm still trying to figure out all the turbo terminology and visuals of said terminology, I.e., v-band...
Nick- with regard to the V8, it just seems like SO MUCH work! Might not be the way for me to go.
D Mac- I had read where Savington might be coming out with a track pkg turbo setup and I'm very interested in it. I PMed Savington about the kit, he has yet to respond. Seems like he is a very busy guy. Hope his system comes out soon!!!! 8-) also, thanks for the lead on Hustler's build thread. I plan on finding it and reading it.

Plus, I've just ordered Corky Bell's book so that I can at least get an idea what I need and how to help me decipher all the code language here. LOL

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