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Default detailed de-noobing

Picked up a miata this august. FIRST CAR! so much better than driving my parents suv. Being only 17 had to learn how to drive a stick, which is alot more fun than i thought!

The car:
96 with 65k miles

bone stock except wheels, which the PO had 16" chrome, but i replaced them with bronze slips
Hard dog ace (oddly enough my parents told me i just "had" to get a bar for safety, i was fine with that)
Slowly stripping weight, so far removed trunk carpet, spare, jack, and sound deadening on the parcel shelf

more weight stripping
koni sports with stock springs and new bumps (hopefully before end of winter)
TSI (need new turn signals anyway)
more distant future would be a turbo (specifically fm base voodoo kit)

main obstacle
the parents. My mom wouldn't no how use a wrench to save her life, and my dad just doesn't do cars. sure he can build a house, but he refuses to even change a tire. They are super paranoid that i'm going to ruin the car and take it apart and not put it back together. It makes doing my own maintenance a little more difficult considering i have 0 tools and have to beg borrow and steal(ok more like buy) to get the job done. Luckily i have an uncle who loves cars as much as me. Hopefully i will get to the track with him soon (i only wish i could keep up with his tt r32 which puts down 4xx hp at the wheels.)

Love the car, loads of fun. All my friends are jealous of the rwd. they call it a girl car, but for some reason they always want to go for a spin.
Learning stick was surprisingly easy, currently trying "master" heel toe down shifts, I'd like to think thats going pretty well.
First accident (of course another statistic)
put it simply. cold tires+rain+crazy parking lot+ speeding high school driver+blind spot=accident
nothing major (well $1000) didn't bother to fix it, all it did make the bumper a little crooked, mess up the panel gaps and break just half of a parking light.

About me:
I'm 17 and my life pretty much revolves around cars chicks and grades. Senior this year, woot! hoping to get into Purdue for Mechanical engineering. I spend 90% of my time reading about cars. I have way to many car magazines. i just don't have the heart to throw them away lol. Looking to get some hands on experience as well as some go fast time.

Will be getting some pics up later
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You sound like 99% of the people here.

Whale ***.
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Well I have no one in my family that does what I do. Im only 18 and I still manage to work on the car and get out to race. Believe me if you're truly motivated you'll get out there. Welcome and best of luck sir
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U are me 4 years ago. (cept by my senior year my parents gave up on bitching at me and i had a 250 rwhp SR20 in my nissan)

My parents also "made" me buy a roll bar. I thanked them.

Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum. Sound a lot like I was at 17. Took me a couple years to save up for the turbo kit, but in the meantime I read this forum like crazy, so it took me only a week to go from non-turbo to autox ready.

If I could do one thing different, I would have bought a Begi-S kit from the start instead of trying to piece together things. With the periods of not having the car (college, etc.) it was just much easier to buy a kit that would bolt up nice and easy. Also try to avoid speeding/racing tickets. I had to pay $650 in fines the year after I got the miata because of my poor driving habits.
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