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Default Hello from CT

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the community. I have been lurking this forum for a few years but, never really had much to contribute until now.

I have had three miatas throughout my life all of which were NA. I have had a 1994 M-Edition which was my dads until i crashed it into a tree going 60mph at 15 years old.

My second was a 1990 that was $1000 and the most reliable car i have owned. I sold it with 230k on it and made money. I sold it due to excessive rust that i didnít want to deal with.

A year later i purchased my Black 99 which i currently own. Honestly, this car has been extremely unreliable but, i really am in love with the car so i put up with it. I will make a long story short:
  1. Purchased the car in MA (I live in CT). Car had a CEL so i could not register it in CT. Dealer replaced the motor with a junkyard motor. Which blew 5k later.
  2. Decided to do a stock rebuild on that motor. 10k later the motor started making noise. The machine shop thinks some object went through the motor. We are not sure really what happened.
  3. At this point i am super frustrated so i said screw it i am building a motor so i can eventually go FI. Which i am in the process of doing now. I am hoping i will be able to start a build thread to track the progress.

I am not new to miatas or building turbo cars. I have owned mostly Audi S4's most of my life. I purchased the blue S4 in 2004 has my first car (No my parents didn't buy it for me, i worked my *** off to pay for it). This car was EPL Stage 3 (Ko4 turbos, meth inj, etc) Made around 400 whp.
The next major build was the Yellow S4 which had a build bottom end and much bigger turbos. Made around 525whp.

Currently, i own the 99 miata and a 2004 M3. Im still trying to convince myself that i like the M3. Still on the fence about it.

My main goal for the 99 is to build a very reliable turbo track car that i can drive to the track race all day then drive home. The build will come in two phases.
First is the motor build (which is in progress). I will get that running well on standalone. Track it for a season. Then I start the turbo build which will most likely contain custom equal length manifold, efr turbo, V-band, etc. The build will be documented thoroughly and the car will be dyno tuned with before and after reports.


I know a few of the members on here personally and appreciate everyones support.


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About time fruit cake.

To sum up,

I miss your yellow car with a passion.
I am leaning towards feeling about your M3.. not sure. sell it

and I want your nb's suspension...bad.

Oh and nice coolant reroute. wonder where that came from!? hah
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Hi adriver1990, enjoy your stay :)
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Welcome to the site adriver1990, thanks for joining up!
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Im coming from the Audi/VW world myself
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