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Default Hello mt.net

I've been converted.... long time autocrosser, former v8 rx7 owner. Thought I could never own a miata because they're too cute. Well, my brother bought a 93 w/ a dead cyl for fairly cheap, we did the 1.8 jdm swap thing w/ all flyin miata parts. It runs, its slow, termporary motor tho, the LS6 is already in my garage on a stand. It also has koni's and ground controls (600/450 iirc) and we're running it in CSP and hate hate hate the hankook z214s. they're just not as fast as they should be.

Anyway, so I was stupid and started looking on creggslist for a roller skate to call my own (was gonna skip the project car thing, and just work on my brothers).... long story short, I got a good deal on a well maintained 94 w/ a hard top, already bought/assembled/installed a DIYpnp/LC1 setup for my brothers car (it didn't run very well with the 1.6 ecu... truly garbage like, imo)... and now of course... I want it back cuz I wantsa get some terbo all up in ma ride.

quick question tho.... I think that mebbe he has a slightly bum injector or something, because he's getting horrific mileage (70mph commute 40 miles each way and he was getting 21mpg w/ 1.6 ecu, and like 25 w/ the megasquirt) Seems to run fine now drivability wise though. We had a little 'drag race' and the two cars are basically dead even, but his blows rich smoke like a turbo car... when we tuned it (using tunerstudio ve analyze live) everything looked good AFR wise, and car seemed to finally work right.... It just seems like one of the jdm injectors is maybe going static or something? Using DIYautotune's DIYPNP basemaps (1.6 settings, but 94-95 1.8 maps) almost the entire VE map is cut in half.... like I think at wot its not getting outta the 50s, I think req fuel is around 12 (calc'd to be 12.6, diy's setting was 13)

Any theories? I really would like to fix it so it runs passably well on the 1.6 ecu so I can get my megasquirt back and start getting a good tune, then get some big injectors, and then mebbe finding a cheapish MSM hairdryer to clog up the intake tract.

Anyway, sorry for wasting all your time with my noob post.... please continue to... uh well, whatever it is you people do.
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Welcome. My turboed miata gets bad MPG as well. I'm running pretty rich for the summer though. (but you're not boosted yet, so IDK)
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