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Default Hello World

Hello from another newcomer.

I don't expect I'll actually be posting much for at least a year or two (lurk mode ftw) but figured I'd introduce myself anyways.

I don't currently own a Miata, but am strongly considering one for my next project. I have experience building and tuning turbo cars in general (mostly euro stuff like VW, Saab, Audi, etc) and currently own a Mazdaspeed 3 (daily driver, stock), a Saab 900 SPG (project car, far from stock), and a Scion xB (backup, stock).

Having lived in the snowy northeast US for most of my life, I've pretty much stuck with cars that made sense as daily drivers - regardless of if they were actually my dd or a fun project car (see current cars list above.) Recently I have been trying to take a step back and analyze my longterm goals for automotive ownership. This scares me, because it sounds like a midlife crisis in disguise - and I'm certainly not old enough to be having one of those just yet. At any rate, I had an epiphany - while I love the MS3 and the SPG, they're pretty much identical cars: FWD, turbo 4's. Then I realized that nearly everything I've owned has fit that profile. Even my most radical projects (frankenstein turbo Corrados anyone?) still boiled down to the same exact basic configuration.

So I need a change of pace. I've been looking for something 2-seat, RWD, light, and tuneable. Initially, this lead me to the very cars Miatas are based on - little euro sportscars from the 60's and 70's. However, finding one of those in good shape is tough, and I'm not sure if I want to deal with carbs. After months of fretting over this choice, I realized that the Miata is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.

So enough of the and on to my plans. I'd like to get an early car, probably a 1994. Do a DIY turbo conversion. I've been playing with the idea of megasquirting my SPG, so also thinking about doing that on a Miata, too. This is all probably a year or so out at the earliest, as I've recently moved and started a new job. So for now, I'll just be lurking and reading stickies.

If anyone actually reads this, cheers!

PS - I'm not huge into sharing personal info on teh intarwebs, but for the sake of potential local contacts down the road, I'm in central NJ.

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At least you got the intro post and reading the stickies right.

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Originally Posted by miatamania View Post
At least you got the intro post and reading the stickies right.
Having noted the rather aggressive treatment of newbies, I figured I had better play by the rules.

And as it turns out, I guess typing that post out has motivated me to clean house. I made a few calls this afternoon and found someone to buy my SPG, so it's probably going to be gone soon. I may try to sell the MS3 soon as well, then just use the Scion and/or my bikes to get around for a few months while I get settled in my new surroundings before moving on to a new project.

So. . . anyone wanna buy an MS3?
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welcome...if only all noobs "played by the rules"
good luck gettn a miata....(make sure its an nb, they are far more pimp lol jkjk)
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