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Default Inroduction and Plans

Hello all my name is Trent. I've owned my NB2 for a little over a year now and I'm finally ready to get started on some serious modifications, especially with tax season coming up. I'm originally from Va. but am moving to San Antonio in a few months. Planing on doing my build in stages unless somehow I have enough money to do it all at once (no way). So here's the game plan.


Badass AutoX/Track car that I can still drive on the street. (I don't believe in trailer queens) Reliability and fun, THE perfect weekend car. And it has to make my wife **** her pants at least once.

Stage 1 (supporting mods):

Cooling: rad, hoses, slim fans one on switched power
Braking: pads, rotors, braided lines
Suspension: struts (prolly some used sport ones it's temp) endlinks and a matching swaybar, chassis ladder braces, and poly bushes all around
Cams: worth it or not?
Differential: throwing in an LSD and poly bushes
Fuel: new pump, rail, and my tank needs to be replaced or lined, full fuel system flush
Clutch: maybe
Roll bar if I come across a deal
Relocate radio to glove box and get a gauge/switch panel

Stage 2 (go fast parts):

Turbo: VF34 for availability and I'll never outgrow what it can put out (suggestions on other turbos welcome)
Injectors: RX7 pnp
Management: MS or AEM not sure on which atm (suggestions welcome)
Exhaust: custom, 2.5 wanna do a full VBand system to my current 5Zigen axleback, running cats and possibly a resonator (we will see)
Cooling (turbo only): braided oil/water lines, idk about the intercooler though (suggestions needed)
Motor: possibly head studs
Gonna go through 2-3 tunes starting at 210 and hoping to work my way to 250 whp just so I can learn to drive a little better before I go crazy no more than like 15psi though
Accompanying gauges and sensors

Stage 3 (cosmetic and misc.):

Paint: classic red respray
Seats: side mount, fixed brackets, Corbeau harnesses
Wheels: not sure yet thinking RPF1's but IMO they aren't very stylish wheels and leave much to be desired (suggestions on other light wheels welcome), 16x8/8.5 or so
Hardtop: probably pick one up whenever I come across a deal or a fiberglass top/lexan window, Opinions?
Tan dash swap if I wanna do that
Anyone know much about Racepack Electronic Dashes?
New OEM big front lip/bumper
New Headlights/fogs

That's pretty much it for now, I'm open to suggestions and additions to the list if I'm missing anything. Wisdom on the things asked above is greatly appreciated. I'll start a build log once everything gets rolling.

The car so far:
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Welcome, YungMX5!
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Your pic link failed.
I have a few suggestions.
Cams: not really worth it and not at all necessary to reach 250WHP.
Clutch: You need to upgrade your clutch for sure; that's not really a maybe thing on these cars.
Injectors: Ditch the RX7 injectors. There are much better cheap options now. For cheap, try RX8 or do some searching for the GT500 injectors some people are using now.
Management: Buy a MS3 from Braineak or Reverant.
Head studs: Yes
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Hello Trent and welcome here! This forum is really informative and I'm sure you will find a lot of great advises here. Good luck with your project, it sounds promising!
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Originally Posted by Monk View Post
Management: Buy a MS3 from Braineak or Reverant.
I worked with Reverant, he is fantastic to work with. I suggest the MS3, but I will also suggest the person I got great customer service from.

Suggestion. Think about moving wheels and rubber up your list. I would consider a larger surface area / grip something you want before you bring on the power.

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I know the Clutch will need to be upgraded I meant maybe as when I was planning on doing it (phase 1 or 2). As far as wheels/tires go, I put the oem 16s on wrapped in BFG Super Sport A/S (205) I figured they'd hold me over till i get the money for the new wheels/tires. Gotcha will Def look into the Rx8 Inj. and the MS3 Management. Also cool. I wanted to do a head gasket and now I'll have a good reason hah.
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