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Default Just joined - Noob first post

Hi Guys – My name is Steve .....and I am NOOB

After starting out in autocross, then stepping up to DE/track days, I’m now racing a 1993 Spec Miata. I love these little cars as they are so well balanced and forgiving, and a great car to learn to really drive in …….but the problem with my 95hp spec miata is that I get killed by crap drivers in high powered cars when I do track days. It pisses me off no end that some joker in a corvette or 911 holds me up for 75% of the track in the corners then blows past me on the straight. They then brake too hard and too early for corner 1 and by corner 2, I’ve caught them up and they’re holding me up again……

I absolutely love the Spec Miata racing with 40 other (almost) identical cars ……. so I’ve decided the solution is to keep the Spec Miata race car as is …… and get another miata …then turbo it for DEs (just don’t tell the wife ). That way, I can kill them in the corners and keep up with them in the straights……all for a lot less that buying a high powered car. I can also swap bits between cars if needs be!

So I just bought a 1990 (showroom) Spec Miata with full cage etc and the initial plan over the winter is:

(i) replace 1.6 engine with 1.8 engine and turbo it
(ii) install polyurethane bushings through out
(iii) install removable brake ducts
(iv) re-install power steering
(v) fabricate some sort of rear floor pan / diffuser / cover to reduce parachute like drag of rear bumper

Future plans, depending on time and money include
(i) removable front splitter
(ii) removable rear spoiler
(iii) removable full floor pan (assume need vents to keep transmission and diff etc) cool
(iv) swap exhaust for straight through pipes
(v) big brake kit

my ultimate plan is to possibly race this turbo car in NASA PTE (based on power to weight ratio – need to check the regs) so I need to be able to tune the power to exactly match the final weight of the car (eg 10:1 - about 220 hp) …… but then turn it back up for DEs ……..which is why I’m planning to turbo rather than supercharge – do you agree with this idea??

I still have a lot of reading to do before decide on which turbo etc etc etc…..which is why I joined this forum. I also just subscribed to the site as I figure it’s worth paying $40 for a bucket load of free advice which will likely save me thousands in the long run (and so you'll like me )

I’ll keep you updated with my thoughts and decisions and I look forward to your feedback

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Welcome, SSMtobeturbo'd!
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Hi SSMtobeturbo'd, enjoy your stay :)
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Oh hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like a great project! I bought some parts from a guy here in CO who's in the NASA scene. Likes it better than the Spec world by a mile.
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