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Default Long time lurker

Posting to de-noobify myself as i got sucked into posting in the honda manifold threads.

Don't wanna turn this into a build thread or sumthin so i apologize in advance for wall-o-text ahead, just wanna throw my backround out there...

First car was an 88 monte carlo ss. My dad and I pulled the 305 out and put in a 350 with some edelbrock goodies, hurst ratchet, chrome wheels...
Couldnt afford to insure/drive it in HS so sold it and bought a 95 jetta glx.
Lightly modded the vw, got into rallyx and autoX, got addicted. Bought the miata a few years later to autoX with. .thats where it starts haha

94 M, had 63,xxx on the odo at the time. I made the common mistake of buying cheap stuff and replacing it later on a few items, exhaust, suspension, wheels... Got over that stage eventually and started planning ahead alot more. Autox'd alot for a couple years. Car was pretty well prepped by regional standards, which are low. Eventually I got the track itch, my buddy's dad is an scca racer/pdx instructor. Started doing those. Won't mention the dorifto stuff for you guys.. Did a few with low power and 205/50/15. Got a set of gen II 15x9 6uls and some 225/45 R1Rs and started with NASA. I swapped a 99 head on. I did more track days, worked up through HPDE3 over a couple years. The car was really fun at that point, maybe 120hp and 225 nt01s. Had swapped in a 7lb fly and 3 puck spec 1.6 clutch setup, flyinmiata frame rails, urethane bushings, mmr diff/motor mounts, rb front sway, nb rear, sparco evo, 6pt harness. I had a some heat issues, cracked a plastic endtank on the stock radiator, spun #4 rod bearing about a year and a half ago. I parked the car for almost 8 months, almost parted it out but ended up having Slomotion Motorsports here in Columbus, OH build a motor for me in preparations for boost after all i've learned here at MT.net!! They also installed an AEM EMS, made 132/125 on a dynapack. I did 1 more de3 day and some more autox with that setup, felt crazy fast . Did the Mid Ohio School lapping program in their 2010 TSX school cars. I am planning on running TTC if i stay n/a next year or just hpde4 if boosted, maybe have it dyno classes for TT wherever it might end up.

As far as my doings here on MT, I had pretty modest boost plans early on. But the 99 head fell into my lap. The block rebuild raises the potential alot as well. I came across a stock msm take off (mani, turbo, gate, inlet/oulet elbows, injectors), so i have everything but intercooler and downpipe just layin around. Savington and Snoboarders cars inspire me to more extreme stuff. The car is pretty gone-through by now. Only goals left are to finally turbo it, and maybe get a nicer set of dampers (>Stance) if power makes a huge change in track drivability, which i think it should

Oh yea,
I've read the stickies
I do research
I use the search button
I filled out my sig and location info
I will probably continue to learn more than i contribute

Thanks all
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