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Good for you man! Car looks wicked!
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Originally Posted by omaharam View Post
I can't even get them to answer the phone.
I'm just one guy and I'm here about 80 hrs a week. If I'm at the track for three days, I don't pick up the phone. Leave a detailed message with a question and phone number, I'll always return the call if I don't pick up.

Originally Posted by patsmx5 View Post
I've had nothing but poor communication with 949. I PM him, he says check the website it will answer my question. Doesn't even answer my question. So I look on the site and don't find the answer, again. So I PM him and he doesn't respond.
No offense but I don't answer anyone's PM's. I can't disable them on so it says so right in my signature. You have no idea how many PM's I get a day otherwise. Guys asking for advice on which used car to buy and where to shop for it, how to fix a problem with a part I don't sell that they bought used off of ebay, the price of something that is right on the home page, and so on. I'm cool with it all but I simply can't keep track of PM's on the seven different forums I frequent. Getting about 150 emails a day and that's plenty.

Shoot me an email or pick up the phone. The most common question is when will the wheels be in. So the answer is right dead center on the home page of the website and on each wheel item page in big *** font, along with the answers to the 20 or so most often asked questions on the homepage and "FAQ" page.

If you asked me a question I understood, I most definitely directed you where to look or sent a link, i.e: "check the homepage of the website for latest details". I must send that reply out about 20 times a day.

Honestly, I'd rather show you how to find what you are looking for than find it for you. Rather teach a customer how to determine the correct answer themselves rather than make it for them. I've been instructing people how to either race bicycles or cars for over 20 years. That's how my brain works, for better or worse.

So back to the OP, I never did make 15x10's. Tried to, practically giving them away and still couldn't get enough orders to make the run happen profitably. FWIW, the new factory doing the spun forged 6ULR's owes me a tool. Free tooling is the only way I could swing a 15x10, which would inevitably be very low volume relative to the 15x8's & 9's. We'll see how things look after the 15x7 and 15x7.5 6ULR are done.
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