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Default New from Oklahoma

:EDIT: (I added pics a few posts down. Not direct links, but my PB account is linked. Click there)

But don't worry. I don't drive a big truck and I don't have dreams about being lifted on 33 inch tires. I've posted around on here a few times so far and I'm still at a low post count, so I figured, why not introduce myself while I'm still "young"...

I've been looking at a White 1990 Miata with quite a few things done to it. I talked to the owner about it while at work one day and decided to go for a test drive. I got hooked. I've always liked Miata's, but never found one I'd want to get. I love them... I'm just not in love with them.

This little bugger is good though. Besides some paint work which I can take care of, the car is in great condition. Interior carpet could be replaced, but only because its torn up, under the floor mats. Other than that, what you can see is not visibly worn. Which is nice, because the car has seen its share of track action as I understand. It has no power steering and the AC needs to be fixed, but that's okay. Its supercharged. It has the JRSC with a few other goodies (low boost @~4-5 psi for now). There is a nice chrome style bar, aftermarket head unit (which I'll promptly replace) and it has Koyo rad. Its lowered and comes with a spare wheel racing slick tire set which is really really light (easy to lift the tire and wheel with one arm). And lastly, there is a matching white hardtop.

I got kind of giggle happy when I drove it, but had to keep calm. The owner wasn't afraid to try to scare me a bit while taking me out to the boonies where I was then allowed to drive. I gotta say. Getting out of a lowered car like that is cumbersome. I like the way it feels. Hopefully I can scrounge up the money for the thing. He only wants 5k, which doesn't seem that bad. I'm only worried about the SNC problem and the idea of daily driving with no PS. The AC isn't a big deal as of now since we're approaching winter. It's more of a second car for me. I currently have a Saturn and have been scouting for a car that suits my SCCA Auto-X and Hallett track day needs. I'm hoping for the best!

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First off, welcome! Nice seeing you transition over from SixthSphere! It really is becoming the World's #1 Pre-Miata Forum. lol

Next, as others will say, if you get it, ditch the style bar, as it is only that. Get a roll bar for true safety, especially on the track.
Very cool that the sale includes a hard top, however, I might try to negotiate that price if it were me for a '90. Granted it sounds like it has some nice modifications, but you pay to play, not for resale value.
Oh, and daily driving with no PS is a breeze on our light cars! If you're sitting still, you might have to muscle the wheel to turn it, but other than that, it's great! I think you get more feedback without it too.

Other than that, hope you get it!
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Welcome, from a fellow Okie... I have a truck, but it is a VW, so no 33"ers...

Fairly new here myself.
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Pics of the Miata. Note that it was drizzling when I took these and the humidity was fogging my lens. Other than that you can see what the car looks like alright. If you look in the album, you'll see points of interest (faults) that I intend on fixing up. Mostly just paint blemishes and whatnot. Most notably on the windshield valance and the front bumper. You still have to look for them when looking at the car in person, so nothing is "in your face". I digress. Pics.

:EDIT: I removed the linked images. Too damn big. Just get off your lazy *** and click the link to my photobucket lol. I is a link. You click hear.

I'm happy with the condition its in, for the price its going for, with the stuff it comes with. Among the other mods it has, there is a short shifter, Magnaflow (has got to go, but I'm sure it flows fine) exhaust and the Falkens on those Borbet wheels.

Give me more input on things I should look for while perusing the car. I've talked to the owner and we have agreed to let me put money away for a while (month or two) before I purchase it.

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