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Default New to the site sorta...

Hello all, I am new to this site and to the whole modifiacation and tuneing scene. My Miata was given to my by my Granny before she passed! Yea Granny was pretty cool. Well naturally when I got the car I immediately wanted it to go faster. Not having a clue what the inside of an engines looks like or even how and what makes an engine breathe I decided I wanted a supercharger. Well my uncle (old school mechanic) starts informing me of what it takes to put any kind of forced induction on an engine. So with his workshop and tools, and a Chilton magazine I embarked on an engine rebuild. Literally learning as I went. I did everything I could afford while the engine was apart, Forged Pistons and Rods, new bearings, supertech valves, took out the casting marks in both intake and exhaust ports, my uncle did some minor porting nothing serious, Gates drive belt, I also had the crankshaft sent to houston with all the new internals and had it rebalanced, new lighter fly wheel and stage 3 clutch, and 400cc injectors. I did all this in a matter of 8 months after work and every single weekend, Full Dedication. I really wanted my grandmother to see the finished project and she would have if I could have found the write up on how to set the timing on the VVT engine.... 3 days after she died I found a writeup on how to, and the car fired up on the first crank. I was pretty bummed for a while bc I would tell her of my progress and how much I had learned every sunday when I went to visit her, and kept saying "almost done". As you can tell the car means everything to me and i will own the car until I die! After she gave me the car I started researching Miatas and soon found out just how well set up the car was from the factory already. Not to mention How many of you Miata Finatics were out there. I found the MP62 online for 700 shipped supercharger only and bought it before the rebuild. It took me a few months but i bought all of the miata SC kit I could find. I looked for the mount the longest and when I found one that I could actually buy, they wanted like 600 bucks just for the mounting hardware. So back to uncles shop for my first lesson in metal fabrication. I only had photos of the mount kit from the online installation instructions for the hotside kit. I used a strait edge to line it up and thats it, no measurements. I wouldnt have known which angles and where to start anyways. But after several close but no go attempts, I figured out how to make it adjustable at every pitch. and got It on. My first mount was bolted together and had alot of flaws (ugly) but worked fine until I broke the one piece that took me the longest to make while removing the supercharger for the heat sheild blanket. I used the pieces and welded the new piece in the correct shape and position and have been running like a champ ever since. I also fabbed my throttle mount plate to the supercharger and later modified it for a 70 mm throttle body. I also made the Idle air relocation kit. Keep in mind before all this I knew Nothing about car modification or even Cars for that matter. After the rebuild my uncle knew nothing about electronic tuning and had no help to offer. One of my friends had a Greddy EMB and E-01 I got for $100. Well just wiring the thing in was difficult for me, also having no knowledge of electronics or circuitry. I have the injector harness and ignition harness. I bought a book on how to tune and modify ecu's and it shed a whole new level of light on the subject but I still have many questions. I joined this site a while back and have posted questions and read many threads. So far I have only had one reply on a post and it was an offer to buy the autotune for a nominal fee. Well today I just read the Noobs post thread and hopefully see why I havnt been getting any answers. I have a bad habit of jumping the gun before I truely know what Im getting into, not that I ever get intimidated and back out, I eventually figure it out but not without any setbacks. Anyway I have lived and breathed Miata for almost 2 years now and am eager to learn more. I pick up on things pretty fast especially if Im pointed in the right direction. I need help with the Greddy Emanage Blue and would appreciate any help. Im running at safe settings but with everything I have I know there is much more HP that I havnt even tapped into yet.
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Thanks for joining, Necolyis!
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