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Default Newby from Amsterdam The Netherlands

HI everybody,

my name is Wouter, 34 y.o., from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I'm in the process of purchasing a Turbo. Sorry for not having one yet (I read the Noob-instructions and am aware I am on thin ice here, posting a helo without owning one yet, but what the heck..)! I am orienting myself as whether to buy a fully built Miata Turbo with a 6 speed installed & all, or whether to buy a Miata and install the kit my self. Several pro's and con's are available for both options..

If I buy a completed car, it saves a lot of time & hassle. Especially of I can get hold of a nice car with proper swaybars, brakes, clutch, turbo exhaust, 6-speed, etc.

However, building it is also half the fun. It's just the time that is an issue.. I just finished restoring a 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible, quite a different ball game, but now that that is finished, I want a different kind of car. A smaller, high revving car. Been looking at buying a Honda S2000 fopr a while, but always had a thing for a first generation Miata. My dad had one for years, a 1.6 from 1991, a grey one, which I loved. Have been surfing the internet looking at 1.8's from 1994-1997 from time to time, with no cash or storage room. Now I got a bit of $ saved up, and I came across some talk about a Miata turbo. I always found that the S2000 with it's 6 speed and 210 HP engine was the way to go, but with the same things in a Miata, that could be even better! So now I'm kind of interested in getting one of these! This seems to be the right place to get informed!

I read that the 1994-97 1.8 engines are the strongest internally, that can handle the turbo power best. And that they also have better suspension, brakes, etc. So I'm looking for a car like that. I'm not looking for 400 BHP; just a decent daily driver with about 140-240 hp and a 6 speed, and the proper adjustments made to safely handle this power.

Any recommendations or tips are welcome! For now I'm just looking around here and researching for myself (yes, search for myself, not to worry! )

Really liked the black 1995 Miata Turbo that was sold in the for sale thread last week for 9500,-. That's kind of what I'm aiming at. Off course I'm looking at shipment to Europe, but I did that with my Firebird as well, which turnt out fine.



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This one could be a good starting point (although it is pre-1994...)
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And it's a 1.6. No 1.8 pre '94.

rare hollanders...
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He Oscar,

thanx, true that.

(was ook wel verdacht goedkoop met deze km-stand...).
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Nice plans you got there man.

Funny you should mention that beautiful NA that was sold recently - pictures of that car prompted me to look for a set of those wheels. I love the look of them. And, lo and behold, I just got some in the mail yesterday .
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