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Default Noob from BC

Well I suppose I should formally introduce myself in a noob thread so here it is. Hi everybody, I'm Zac from Victoria BC. I picked up a pretty well stock, red 1990 miata with 160k last year for $1700. The only mods when I bought it were a crappy wood shift **** which I've replaced with the original, and altezza tail lights which are pretty tacky looking. Since I got the car I've put a used turbo kit on it including: 14b turbo, JGS exhaust manifold, Mitsubishi Starion FMIC with over the rad piping, RX7 460cc, 2.5" DP and exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler, AEM EMS & WBO2, Toyota COP's, F1 stage 3 clutch, and a 2 core aluminum ebay rad. I haven't had much chance to drive it though as I sheared the 1.6 diff in half within a day of driving with boost (and thats with no clutch dumping, hard launching or power shifting). I got a 1.8 LSD from Savington that i'm just waiting to arrive and I'll be back on the road and off to the dyno for some tuning. Haven't got any pics of the engine yet but here are a few of the outside.

On a semi-related side note i'm also working on another car project. My buddy and I are designing a mid engine locost that we're going to start building soon. The power plant I just picked up for it is a Honda H22a from a 95 prelude SR-V and we'll be using miata spindles and brakes for the suspension.

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that's not a locost, that's an atom!

The rear it held in place by sheer willpower?

Not surprised about the diff, mazda made the 1.6 diffs out of play-doh.

Welcome to the boards, interior looks clean, exterior looks like it's seen 3 too many decades of direct sunlight.
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Yeah, the rear spoiler is held in place with pure chi.......and a couple of aluminum braces yet to be modeled. We're only maybe 25% done modeling so theres a lot of stuff missing but theres enough there to motivate us every time we look at the picture.

The paint is pretty bad, in the shade its kind of red but in the sun it's pretty orange. And it's a crappy repaint too, lots of fish eye, terrible masking job, and the surface wasn't prepped vary well. Oh well, it's just a beater until we finish the locost.

On a side note we should refrain from using the name or company name of the car we all know it looks like. Grassroots Motorsports recently published an article about another locost with similar looks and Ariel is pissed about the unlicensed use of name. So we'll just refer to it as an exocar or locost
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