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Default Noob from the Denver area

Hi all,
Just signed on. I have a 97 miata that I've pretty much driven the life out of. We have emission inspections here in Denver and I barely made it through thanks to some sea foam and a prayer. I'm looking real hard at an '03 Miata with only 14K miles on it. for 10 grand. The car is immaculate. Only problem is it has an automatic tranny. I know that really sucks. I've been there, done that with autos. I drove my neighbors '99 and it was gutless. I was thinking of how it would be with a decent turbo install. Any ideas out there. Oh, and please don't preach to me about automatics and all that crap. Just helpful feedback would be appreciated. No, I haven't bought the car yet but I'm looking pretty hard at it. I don't plan to race it. It will be a daily driver. I just want a little extra zip when I need it. It has the factory hard-top already on it and all the bells and whistles.

Looking forward to some creative feedback and some helpful advice. I know this probably isn't the right place to ask for help. I'll get there shortly. Anyhow, hello to all. and thanks in advance.
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(Preachy crap deleted on second read lol)

If you only commute with the car/drive in urban areas and don't like to tear up the mountains then go for it....anything is more fun with a turbo bolted on If you like to attack any twisties then it'll never be as fun as you want it to be.

You might consider a supercharger (Heresy!) if you only daily it, since you'll have plenty of torque down low regardless of what gear it chooses for you.
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+1 on the supercharger. I say do that, make 160whp and DD the **** out of a screaming autotragic miata!

Go luck with the build if you do pick it up
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Yeah, I did the mountain thing with my '97 5 spd. Lots of fun. Any more it's just a daily driver. The supercharger sounds like megabucks. What's a decent lo end dependable (if that makes sense) turbo setup gonna cost?

I guess I'd better pop over to the correct blog to post any more questions. Now to figure out which one that is
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