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Default Noob to Miataturbo, Miata owner for 9+ years

I just wanted to say hello.

My name is Mike and I have a Silver 91 M45 SC 1.6 Miata w/ A/C no PS. 10 lbs pulley upgrade, boost upgrade with JR timing controller, AFPR, Tokiko HP's, Walbro 190hp FP, 1.8 trans, 94 LSD, front and rear braces top and bottom, TSI's, Rota Grids with Kumho Exsta ASX's 205/45/16's and factory hardtop.

This is my second Miata and I've had it about a year. The PO did the upgrades, I've cleaned it up some and replaced mostly cosmetic issues, correct battery, etc. I just had to replace the S/C mounting bracket which had cracked in 2 places and the bypass actuator was shot.

My previous Miata was a Silver 91 bone stock. The original paint was in great shape also. No peeling. I owned it for 8 years. It needed new shocks/springs, a new top and right front fender replaced due to the wife backing into it in the driveway.

Currently considering ...

1) MegaSquirt pnp upgrade really soon.

2) cold air intake solution

Wrestling with ....

1) lean fuel issue possible? Missing the high RPM kick it had before. My stock fuel pump might be shot? Adjusted AFPR not doing the trick. Feels flat over 5K RPM's

Sorry it's a little lengthy for an intro. I heard about this site from the guys in the MiataMob.

Mike P
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I would atleast test your stock pumps pressure with an inline gauge stuck under the windshield wiper while you go and make a run. Our forum sponsor injector-rehab has a great deal on them including the install kit if you're interested. Cheap insurance basically.

Megasquirt is probably the best thing you will ever do for your car in terms of engine management. I am really really happy with mine and considering how many of us have adopted it in the past year i'm sure you will as well.

Post pics. This forum thrives off photos for some reason.
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When you get the Megasquirt, I assume you'll be going with a wideband as well. For the time being, try to stay out of serious boost until you can do some datalogging. If you've got a lean condition up top due to poor fuel, you'll see it with the wideband.

Your belt might be slipping due to age... how long has it been installed?
It's probably time for a new fuel filter.
OEM fuel pumps are cheap... better safe than sorry.
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Thanks for input.

The belt is brand new, just installed with the broken bracket replacement. She's tight!

I just picked up a new fuel filter. I also saw that Moss carries the OEM fuel pump for $69.95. This may be the problem.

It runs ok up to 5750, then she drops out.

I'll have to post some pics. My car is no show piece. After seeing some of the photos on here (Amazing water injection bottle setup with washer light!) I'd be embarassed/ashamed of how dirty she is under the hood.

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