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Default Noob with a simple question.

Hello. I have had my 99 for about 3 months now. I still have quite a bit of time before I turbo but I want to get my **** figured out before I buy anything. First off I am DEFINITELY going to run a megasquirt. Now, having said that,

What is THE BEST WAY (best combination of price, power, reliability, everything) to turbo a 99 miata?

Kit or build your own? If the best way is to build your own **** then what all do you need and what is the best? I am looking for a clean solution too. Feel free to make fun of my noob thread.
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That is an easy question. Go to the DIY section and the Pre-fab Kit section and don't do anything that any who is having issues with is doing.
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I take it you've read the FAQ already? If you haven't, do that first.

If anyone's going to give you advice they'll need to know what your power (and power delivery) goals are and what you intend to do with the car.

PS - It seems the Adaptronic is more and more popular as a PNP solution on the NBs.
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Your question is far from simple.

Here's what I want you to do... read this post:

It's the the 6th post in the second sticky at the top of this forum. You can read the whole thread, but this post is the important part for you. Since you tell us no goal, no budget, none of your abilities, and no timeline for completion, we can't tell you anything useful. It'll take you a couple minutes to read it, and we'll know by your next post if you didn't. In order for us to help you, we need more info. Start by reading that post.

Then, READ ALL THE OTHER STICKY'S IN ALL THE OTHER FORUMS! If you had done this, you wouldn't have needed to make this thread, NOOB! Read all the STICKY's like you know you should have to give yourself a base amount of knowledge and vocabulary to then start a good intro thread.

Your language in that post indicated you're not familiar with turbocharging in general. Asking "what pieces" do I need pretty much tells us you've never had any expereince with turbocharging anything, as 95% of the hardware required is the same no matter what car you're putting it on. If that's the case, you need to visit the main Miata-centric turbo vendors and just look through he parts-lists of their kits. Bell and FM... start there.

For your '99, Megasquirt is not yet "easily" in the cards. There is a member on this forum AbeFM who is working on a complete solution, but a true MS PnP is not sold by DIYAutotune, so you will have to make one yourself, have one made, and either convert your car to some 94-97 electronic components, or buy AbeFM's not-yet-ready unit. In short, at this point Adpatronic is the best bet for a PnP ECU on a budget. A lot of people like it more than MS for reasons you can SEARCH for in the Adap forum.

If you have $6k, are looking for 250whp, want to be turbo'd next weekend, and can do the entire install yourself... go to the FM site and buy the FMII Hydra Turbo System, StageI clutch, and 3" hybrid exhaust... that would be "easiest".
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Ok. I will give this a try. My goal is to have a 230-250 whp miata in the next year with a budget of about 2500$ It will not be a daily driver, however, I would like a clean, reliable setup. I have a friend who knows a few things about engine management, and a garage with tools. I am not looking for an answer, I am just looking for opinions. No. I do not know much about turbocharging vehicles. I am working on reading "Maximum Boost" and I am on forums. This is my solution in order to learn.

edit: Ill just read. No reply necessary.

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If I was in your shoes, I'd:
save up
get begi shanghai
ebay fmic kit
and the little mumbo jumbo needed to get all of that working together properly.
That would be the simplest way of turbo'ing a 99. IMHO
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^ That's the exact combo I'm going for.

The easy upgrade path from there will be a clutch and a better exhaust setup.
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