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Default Noob From Wet Coast of THE Great White North

Hello Everyone

Im Goucho from the Vancouver area of Western Canada. Im a retired Foundation and structural repair contractor.

I am new to this forum and to a sweet new ride which I have owned for just 1 year.
My e46 M3 was written off in a flood so I opted for a 2000 base miata with a FM vodoo 2 Turbo kit which I understand was installed by the Old Hastings street.... Mazda Dealership ( now closed) in 2005 or so.

I bought it from a trade in lot.

The car also had aftermarket springs, shocks, sway bars and a variety of braces affixed to the rear end and both the shock towers. The front sway bar also has a brace at the attachments to the frame rails. Koyo aluminum rad and the intercooler were apparently placed by the dealer at the time of the turbo install.

Exhaust is complete 2.5`` SS with free flow muffler after the FM downpipe .... I believe from FM also.

The car was owned by a single older fellow like myself but I have been unable to contact him for the actual history and modification details of the car.

Currently car has 100,000 miles and performs well at 7 psi boost using Shell 92 . It pops a bit on let off at medium boost levels and it can stall if the gas pedal is abruptly closed after a boosted run. Annoying behaviour for me but likely tuneable.

winter 2015 -2016 did a lot of mechanical upgrades: 158,000 kms

1. Rear differential bought and installed a type 2 torsen.
2. New bearings shims seals all round in diff ( Eunos motors in North Vancouver )
3. Rear dif gear change to 1:3.63 new crown and pinion from Corksport motors
4. New MSM diff rubber bushings
5. New diff oil ams oil 75W-90
6. New cam timing belt, tensioner pulleys and idler pulley
7. New water pump and gaskets
8. New front crankshaft seal
9. Valve cover gasket replaced.
10. New spark plugs
11. New SS coolant lines to turbo
12. Replaced high temp shielding to turbo oil drain line, to oil sump
13. New coolant
14. Rebuild all brake calipers: Porterfield brake pads RS4
15. New SS brake lines
16. Flyin Miata brake balancing valve installed
17. Replace brake fluid
18. Replace clutch fluid
19. Replace transmission fluid both tower and the gearing sections
20. New rear wheel bearings and seals ( both sides )
21. Amsoil engine change to 0-40w
22. Long life oil filter change
23. Installed FM oil cooler kit
24. BOV for turbo: I added a custom made muffler to unit; hopefully to quieten its venting noise.
25. Changed BOV spring tension as loose as possible ... may need to consider lighter spring
26. New driveshaft as the older U joints were bumpy in their travel
27. Rebuild right rear half shaft outboard CV joint as it popped apart ( broken circlip ) NAPA parts had circlip in its boot kit............. Nada from Mazda available!
28. New MSM engine mounts
29. Stage 1 FM clutch replaced with pressure plate
30. Light 11 lb flywheel ( already in the car )
31. Rear main engine seal replaced
32. Transmission rear seal replaced ( tail shaft output to prop shaft )
33. Transmission front seal and gasket replaced
34. New tyres Dunlop DZ 102 205/50 R 15 on 6UL wheels 15x8 from 949 Racing bought through FM
35. Changed power steering fluid

Summer of 2016
Oil Change 0-40w Ames oil and new filter 158,000 km

Winter of 2016 - 2017
I would like to get rid of the Vodoo box and run a standalone ECU (Megasquirt hopefully from Braineack) to better control boost fueling, along with timing control and EBC. Perhaps a small increase in RWHP up to 230-240

Just reading and rereading to try to get an understanding of what my winter project for the car is going to entail.

Looking forward to learning a lot under the tender tutelage of the forum members.

Flame away .

Ive got Argentine Hide!

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I did in fact order an Ms3x from brain. Got it early in the year and installed in the car with little problems at all.
The car already had MAP line to a vodoo box under the dash and so the swap was really painless. The singular motorsports mounting bracket made the whole install job pretty simple.
Turned the key over and it started right up . ( Thanks Brain)
I spent few days getting CL idle and start up at various temperartures acceptable and then return to idle. Car running fairly smooth with Idle Afrs in 14.5 range
Took off on holidays.

Came back early May put the car on the road.

Done about 3 hours of Auto tune and boost up to about 150 Kpa .
The car is running really as well as it ever has...... better in many respects.
Ill be gradually turning up the boost running Brains very conservative timing and Fuel VE and tightening up the tune slowly for now till Im up to about 180 Kpa and the car is on the Specified AFR map.
Had recent issue wioth fan control that was resolved by Brain explaining two separate fan coolant temperature controlers in the Ms3x.

Forum was of great help because with all of the many issueds I had there was always somebody who broke ground before me to explain something that then helped .. and so I muddled through .

Thanks to all it....... sure has been fun

Let the grins contunue
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Sounds good. How have you found the 3.63 with these power levels?
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