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Default Stuck in Kansas

Hi guys! My name's Jake, my current stable includes my 1991 Silverstone NA, a 2005 V6 auto Mustang convertible, and a 1997 Buick Riviera naturally aspirated. Past cars are my '98 Honda Civic LX sedan (best car I've ever had, I miss the hell out of it) and a 2000 Buick LeSabre.

My first car, loaned to me by my parents. 2000 Buick LeSabre with 230k miles on it. Drove this through high school and was ridiculed endlessly for having a "grandpa car" as a car enthusiast, so the champagne paint got covered up by black Plastidip, it got some 18" wheels and low-profile 245-wide tires (the STS wheels and tires came later), red pinstripe, red interior lighting, and earned the name "Murdersofa" for the sheer amount of body roll experienced at my first autocross. Eventually upgraded rear shocks, FE5 sway bars, and a tune came along as well as the blast pipe exhaust (resonator replaced with $15 glasspack). Fun little thing, but has since been consumed by electrical gremlins. My dad keeps it around as a backup car. Fun fact: those pictures were taken earlier this year. That's 5 year old plastidip. I'm impressed by the durability.

This was a bad idea. I never should have bought it, definitely never should have financed it. It's faster than my other cars, but it handles worse than the Buicks do and gets godawful fuel economy.

My NA. 1991, traded my Civic and $1000 cash for it. Rebuilt title, been wrecked at least once, definitely paid too much for it. Currently ghettocharging it with every band-aid ever conceived, mostly to annoy the **** out of you guys. Possible candidate for a 3800 V6 engine swap when I inevitably blow up the 1.6 mill that's in it.

This 4000-pound FWD hideous behemoth is my daily, a 1997 Buick Riviera. Leather, 25mpg combined, and a ludicrously loud sound system. It's rather fun to eat up the highway miles on. Eventual twin-turbo candidate. Currently has upgraded rear sway bar, poly end links, slightly lower than stock-profile tires. Upgraded rear air shocks are on the way right now.

My $500 '98 Civic LX. Manual, short shifter, solid shifter bushings, D16Y7, progressive-rate lowering springs, Pioneer speakers, cold-air intake for fun noises. Great daily driver, sadly no longer with me after a showboating Corvette took out a Porsche Panamera and my poor Civic. Ran on 3 cylinders when I got it and had no input shaft bearings left, so I swapped the drivetrain in from a $300 green '97 (pictured above, me standing in the empty '97's engine bay) and did my first engine swap. Ran perfect after that and was super fun to drive. After it was totaled I traded what was left+$1k for the Miata I have now.

Aaand that about covers it. I do things with cars on a budget so tight I can't even afford the shoestring.

My cat. Russian Blue mix and the most badass **** on four legs.

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Stuck in Kansas-80-9kpr2h1_2feefc3907a54e6f031bfa255dc17f5de63c8653.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-6uajewu_c72ff4beae30ef099428ebdce3cfa49f3bd44acf.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-10988944_845195772219082_4100028852217594670_n_1d2b312081b631ea6ac28240c35601ef395d01e0.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-12728883_1020026108069380_2858535154348884032_n_2410cb2f3916ac3ba0ef179211e99f78c2214369.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-12717370_1020025888069402_4709790033212981327_n_383b8f416d42608b01544e36c72616f410a9917d.jpg  

Stuck in Kansas-80-vf4y8sf_4e1eeda23f45b7a854002677d41761058c84c9b8.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-12993337_1064804013591589_8908217771994458400_n_b297b8b2ea1e1ffd9a1dd52bc03098062c8e34e3.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-13124572_1074636219275035_6752687831260179887_n_efd6b6b374c498b01a85f0ba4b31f5f7e419b804.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-13118861_1077965258942131_1536179549127774879_n_7782a002162ec4f3158179b45ab1ff153b2ffa77.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-12032975_941551345916857_2998530275374813787_n_44a86326343e98589ff87b956d3cee62257834e9.jpg  

Stuck in Kansas-80-12036433_941551352583523_2703383497093434584_n_1070e22bc8a3923acd54c466bec05e5aa2e7ef25.jpg   Stuck in Kansas-80-11061208_872710016134324_7575553687499862393_n_a63e6fefb8851f54d8ebc36779e6d53fe1fb71a1.jpg  

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Welcome! I used to have a 2000 Buick LeSabre as well and I currently have a '91 Miata. It appears you have good tastes in cars my friend!
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