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Default Adapting MS DIYBOB for '99 Harness

Hi all,

Just had a few quick questions about the harness for a '99 miata. I'm finishing up my build of a MS3X + DIYBOB. I wanted to keep the MS3X swappable in the future which is why I opted for the DIYBOB to make this a little easier and cleaner.

I've been using the attached image below as a reference:

For the most part, it has been fairly straight forward. The only discrepancy that I couldn't immediately find the answer for was the grounds on 3A-C (4A-C on the DIYBOB).

Main 8-11 that are called to be grounded aren't even in the Main pigtail. Does the MS3/x have a common ground on the board that 8-19 all go to? Can I use 12-15?

Same sort of question applies for the MS3x pigtail. The MS3x pigtail has all of the wires, but no distinguishing features. Before I go and identify them, does it matter? Can I just have them all shorted to the same ground? I know that seems like a really obvious answer, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn't an issue with a shared ground.



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Still a noob and missed this on their site. I'll at least link this so that future noobs can also find it with the power of search if need be.

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