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Default Braineak MS3x Fan/AC issues

Hey guys,

Quick question here:

I have a 1994 Miata with a Braineak built MS3/MS3x that I am having some trouble with. The car's A/C and fan control is out of whack. I have tried PMing him but I am still unsure of what's going on/am a real noob at standalones and tuning so I figure I would ask you guys.

Using post#2 in this thread MS3x A/C Jumper - Please verify - Miata Turbo Forum - Turbo Kitten is watching you test compression.
I was able to change settings in programmable on/off outputs (inj F, trigger value set to 1 for clutch engage, 0 to disengage) to get the A/C to engage and blow cold full time (still ignores the switch inside) but neither fan came on.

Could you guys give me some guidance here? Does anyone else have an MS3x built by Brain that you might be able to send me screenshots of the fan control sections from?

I bought this $800 ECU so that I could just plug it in and tune the tables, but I am now stuck dealing with these stupid problems.

Thanks in advance

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Hmm... maybe email format might be easier for him? I've PM'd him several times and while not always immediate, it's thorough enough for me to be satisfied with the help.

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Thanks, not trying to fling poo at all, I respect Brain and his reputation for well-built units, and it's a holiday weekend, just trying to see if anyone knows about how this stuff is supposed to work/has any experience with a Brain-built MS3x unit.

Does anyone know how these MS3x boxes are typically wired, especially in regards to A/C components and engine cooling fans? My car overheated as I was driving it today (coolant temps hit 260*) and the A/C was stuck on with no cooling fans going...I really don't want this to happen again/to get stranded. In my car it appears that the tableswitching does not work as there is no indication from tunerstudio when I push the dash button for A/C.
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cmalouf - I had similar issues recently with an MS2 and discovered I had a few errors in my output settings (i.e. just software config issues).

Perhaps you should post either screen shots or an MSQ so people can review and offer advice. A log file would be helpful as well.
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It is probably wired so that A/C input goes to datalog in, pin 30 on the ms3x and A/C out is on one of the unused injector outputs such as H. Check that the wires match the msq settings... this isn't rocket science.
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