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Default can someone please take a look at my msq?

can someone please take a look at my tune so far. i am in the process of fine tuning my car. i started with the base tune that came with mspnp then i worked from here. i think that my wb02 sensor may not be hooked up to my megasquirt because it does not show up on the gauge in megatune while im driving.
My cruising numbers seem to be safe. a little rich if anything. when i hit boost at around 4000 rpm, the car starts to bog a little bit. i think its richening up too much. also when im at a higher rpm and i press in the clutch to idle. it falls almost to 0 rpms and sometimes even stalls. i think it shows up once or twice in the log. from what i have read this may have something to do with my pulse widths but i am not 100% sure how to remedy the problem.
i have attached a log and my msq. i would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on what i can do to smooth out my ve table.



Download schoolhome xls for free at <<<<datalog file
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Your ve table sucks. We need more info on your setup. Like spill the beans. Fix your wideband and then use MLV to analyze it and it will automatically adjust the VE table to get AFR's to whatever you specify in your AFR target table. It's called tuning; begin.
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First of all, if you have megasquirt and a wideband get that thing hooked up - the whole point is to not have to be watching the AFR gauge while you floor it and then try to remember what you saw when tuning later on.

Without knowing your AFR's, it's hard to perfectly troubleshoot a problem when looking at the datalog.

However, about the "bogging" - the first big thing I would point out to you is that you are hitting overboost like mad. See all the duty cycle dip/spikes when you get into the 150's for kpa? That's because your overboost is set to 152 kpa. The max kpa you hit in that datalog is 155 and in all of your 3k-4k rpm pulls your rpms chopping like that are due to the overboost protection trying to stop the turbo from spooling any more. You shouldn't be using overboost to limit your boost. Tighten down the wastegate arm or boost controller (whatever you are using for boost control) a hair so that you are not constantly hitting the overboost or, if you do want to be getting into the 7 psi range, set your overboost for a higher pressure.

After your overboost protection/boost control is sorted, +1 on what pat said: start actually tuning using VE analyzer in MegaLogViewer. But, looking at your target AFR table, you may not want to be as rich as 12.5:1 at only 100 kpa (0 psi). If you don't know how to use VE analyzer, do a search and read up. If you don't know what target AFR's to go with at a given rpm/pressure, do a search and read up - the 'optimal' AFR's are subject to debate so you can determine what you want yourself after exploring what everyone is running.

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