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Default DIYPNP Setup - planning jumper route

Hey everyone, apologies in advance for noob questions. I'm sure there will be a ton of threads like this for all the MS noobs who picked up some hardware with the recent DIY FB deal.

So, I've just received my DIYPNP + Sequential Fuel Mod. The install is going into a 90 Miata, which currently has a 94 1.8L. I'm in the process of bolting together a 99 1.8L to replace it.

I'm *definitely* doing sequential fuel. I will eventually get to sequential COP ignition, so I need to reserve outputs with that in mind. So, the outputs I can think of that I need to plan out now are...

Fuel pump - high side switch, directions in 90-93 DIYPNP. Any alternative outputs I can use here?
Fuel injectors 3 & 4 - ALED / WLED according to DIY docs
Spark outputs 3 & 4 - PT7 and PT8 according to DIY docs
VICS - 99-00 DIYPNP example uses ALED
Fan control - 90-93 example uses ALED as well

Looks like PA0 is my only extra output signal on DIYPNP, so do I have to choose VICS or fan control? I guess I could use a "dumb" RPM switch for VICS if I *had* to. Well, and it will probably get a world-spec squaretop manifold eventually, so VICS control might stay in until I do COP / squaretop at the same time.

For now I plan on using the stock 94 CAS for sync, eventually jumping to the 99 sensors when I drop that engine in. As far as I can tell, no significant mods are needed to run the NB sensors.

Car does not / will not have A/C.

Car is presently N/A and will probably never need EBC. Will eventually be supercharged if anything.

I'm guessing I can pull 94-97 fuel and timing basemaps out of the 94-97 MSPNP to have something to start with.

And finally, given the requirements, what version of MSExtra should I be looking for? I'm cool with making my own MSQ from scratch if needed, I guess.

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Nothing, eh?

Car is idling now on the DIYPNP in batch mode. Wanted to make sure I could get it running good on the MS before I started chopping up the harness.

Need to wire in my wideband and sync the timing, then I'll bring the last two injector wires down into the harness.

Can already tell that the engine responds better to the pedal at low rpm... not even tuned or synced!
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inj 3 and 4 must go out pt6 and pt7 and then to two additional injector driver circuits and then out the harness.

spark 3 and 4 goes out aled and wled

that leaves you with pa0 to run fan or vics. if you have the stock thermoswitch still and can get it hooked inot your 1.8L motor you can run vics through pao. otherwise ditch the seq. spark. and run fan and vics at aled and wled.
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Here is the pinout of my 93 diypnp

seq. fuel
variable TPS
Fan control
vics control
boost control
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File Type: xls Installation instructions.xls (865.5 KB, 159 views)
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