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Default I want to Squirt my Euro MX5 90HP... Questions

I really want to get into MS, but mu problem is that I have got a version of the car which has a litle different pinout on the ECU, and a factory imobilizer.

If I had a 90-93, I think I would go for the PNP, but since I have to do some relocating on the pinout, maybe It is waste to pay for the pnp solution.

I have been reading about the MS kits that Neogenesis2004 and Braineack are offering, and it looks really good. But I have to say that I am frightened at the same time because I am a bit afraid of not making it work.

What would you do? Are there any thoughts on if this is possible to work? I am noob on MS and in Norway there are not much experience with MS on Miatas.

Here are a comparsion of a pinout that I have got.

Name:  MX5_ECU_Pinouts.jpg
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I guess you could get the PNP designed for the 1800, but looking at that pinout you'd still need to do some work to it, so you may just be better off buying a completed 3 or 3.57 board and a Boomslang extension, then move just the injectors and ignition across.
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I am pretty sure Braineack could make it to your specs if you inform him about it. He seems to know what is going on with this MS stuff. GoodLuck with it
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You could build something like this:


Totally custom and flexible, and enough I/O pins on the connector itself for anything you care to throw at it.

That being said, I don't see that many differences in the pinouts as far as your MS install is concerned. However, seeing as how your car has 4 separate pins for the injectors, its easy to deduce that the stock ECU is doing sequential injection.

Either way, the pinout does not matter because a boomslang harness has to be built anyway.
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Shoot Jerry at DIY an email and see if he can work with you on a short harness to enable a 1.6 or a 1.8 MSPNP to work with your harness. I'm sure they can come up with something.
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I've heard of MSPNPs put on the later 1.6 cars and it can be done even if it's not quite something we support (too hard for us to get our hands on a good wiring diagram or test car!). However, the pinout you've posted appears to be for one without the immobilizer. IIRC you have to swap a couple pins in the harness if you are putting it on one with an immobilizer. All current production '90-'93 MSPNPs are set up to work with sequential injection cars (firing them in batch fire, of course).
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Ok, so the I will have to find a good wiring diagram for my car, maybe from the local Mazda dealer... Thanx so far!
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