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Default Idle fluctuation + power loss

fluctuating idle. and rough accel for a split second even in neutral. could it be a vacume leak? sometimes my idle is perfect and then my idle goes from 800-1200 and back and fworth for a while. also since installing the MS on my NA i have noticed a loss of power in the power band. i got my Wideband gauge working and my boost gauge working although the wideband isnt hooked up so its just lights. whats everyones accel deccel value set at. currently its 3.0 and not doin very good. BTW cars stock.

My boost gauge (its hooked up) is normally at 20 then when my idle starts fluctuating it goes up and down a few bars.

Help wth idle and maybe the accel?
Could the loss of power mean its leaning out?
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The MSnS-E closed loop idle works fairly well though you will notice some oscillations as it settles into a smooth idle, and moreso if you have the A/C turned on.

As for accel values and getting the best power from your car the base map will be a good start but surely will need to be fine tuned for each car to get the most out of your ride. When you installed the software package that came on the CD it installed the MS1 Extra tuning manual as well which will cover tuning accel enrichments. One thought there-- are they problematic when cold or when the engine's fully warmed up? Or both?

Then as for power.. again, tuning... we dialed in a beautiful map on pump 93 here, but as it was dialed in to optimum for our local pump93 fuel and conditions and we can't be sure what fuel people will be using, nor what other conditions the car will be run under, that's not the map that was given out exactly.... it's really close, just with a very mild amount of advance pulled.

Another thought-- is your base timing set correctly? We aimed on the safer end of the spectrum here too--- saf'ER' being the key letters there. If you're running the default trigger angle (as shipped on the MSPNP, if you didn't set base timing) then you're probably about 8-13 degrees retarded everywhere depending on where your CAS is. That's safER than 10 degrees advanced . Note it's still not ideal to run alot of retard all the time as you're EGTs will skyrocket.

Last thought at the moment... when you set base timing you set the 'fixed angle' to '10' which locked timing to 10 degrees so you could set it with a light. Did you set it back to '-10' after the fact and burn it? If not you're running a fixed 10 degrees, and that will be SLOW and EGTs will be HOT....
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