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Default installed brain built ms1 v2.2 car wont start

details: 93 1.6l with MS1 v2.2 stock injectors

i came home at lunchtime today, car totally stock, cranked and fired perfect. then i went about converting to MS, ran vac line, mounted ms, used DIYBOB harness so i just plugged everything in,
unplugged tps,
removed st_sig fuse,
set up TS up to the point where i need to adjust timing, went to start it and it wouldnt fire, just kept cranking

tried the way brain told me to wire ait (jump 1 and 6 and hook ait to 2 and 7) and i also tried the way the install instructions stated which is ait to 1 and 6 and jumped 2 and 7 and it wont start either way.

when trying to change my lc1 to have 0v=10:1 and 5v=20:1 the options i need to change are all gray like i cant click it so it is currently set to 0v=7.35 and 5v=22.39 but i figured i would deal with that later, i didnt think it would affect the engine from running and allowing me to set my base timing

if anyone could clarify what to do with the jumper wire for the afm harness i would appreciate it. also I know it is getting spark, the timing light would flash during cranking and i can hear the fuel pump pressurizing the system when i turn the key to on so im lost at what to try. it just turns over and twice i got it to sputter for about one second but then it never did it again.
any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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