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Default ITBs realtime barometric correction

Working on a project and looking for input on how to best to use the single MAP sensor on my Reverent built Basic MS3. '99 motor is getting swapped into my '91 chassis and I'm adding TWM ITBs at the same time. Still in planning stages and I haven't actually installed anything yet.

Option 1: Connect onboard MAP sensor to vacuum manifold. Run ITB Load Mode control algorithm. Set "Initial MAP reading" for barometric correction. Later down the road I could possibly add MAP Daddy for realitime barometric correction (not sure how easy this is with a Rev built MS3).

Option 2: Leave onboard MAP sensor disconnected so it is open to ambient. Run Alpha-N control algorithm. Set "Two independant sensors" for barometric correction and set "Realtime baro port" to the standard onboard MAP sensor. Is this feature even possible without adding the 2nd MAP sensor?
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Option 3: Get car running with the stock 1.6 ecu and engine swap and stock intake.
Then add the MS3 and get the car running and tuned. After that is done then add in the ITB's and retune.

Do not try to do all 3 at once. It will only end with you frustrated because there are so many variables being changed at once. I have gone down the path of changing tons of things and the troubleshooting it takes to figure out why the car won't run is just not worth it.
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I don't want to knock out the freeze plug to fit the stock CAS and I don't want to spend 2 years on a project by covering the same ground repeatedly. I know your advice is sound (it's like telling an aspiring racer to address basic maintenance and driver skill before spending big money on modifications) but I also know this is well within my technical capabilities.
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Initial baro is probably fine for getting things running. I know you're smart enough to do it all at once. That's how I did my turbo and engine management the first time. And if I can do it, you can do it.

Since you have extra 0-5V analog inputs, you can probably add a sensor later without much hassle. Probably doesn't even have to be a MAP Daddy. Rev can probably suggest something easy and cheap.
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The MS3 in general can support mismatched MAP sensors, so no, it doesn't have to be any specific sensor. You can use a self contained GM-style sensor if you wish.
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