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Default Last minute advice anyone! Getting ready to start

Okay so I've put the engine back together, its on time and its all piped up and ready to go. I've got the MSPNP hooked up but I have not put power to it and loaded anything. (1.6 all stock rebuild, 460cc Rx7 injectors, t3/t4, FMIC, civic dual core radiator, 3" full exhaust.

I'm running:scottsmap_tune_afr.msq from this board.
I've removed the 10 amp fuse

I forget, what is the problem poeple have that they burn up coils?
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Burned coils usually happen if you've loaded a base map set up for the Kags mods, or reload firmware with the coils still plugged in.
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I would really be hesitant to start with anything but the MSPNP base map man... it's dialed in in so many different common trouble areas (to make them go away) that anything else could be setting yourself up for more bumps in the road. That and as Matt mentioned I'm not sure what the ignition config is in that .msq. Spark Output should NOT be inverted. That's the big ignitor killer.

I'd be tempted to share my own turbo map with you, but here's the deal. Unlike the base map, my map is optimized to make power in boost on my car. That means there's no margin for error if your IATs are a bunch higher than mine, or your exhaust more restrictive, or for whatever reason you run leaner than me or you car doesn't need as much timing as mine did possibly. It would only serve as a base and I'd recommend pulling 4-6 degrees of timing in boost, adding 5-10% fuel in boost, and then taking it straight to a dyno (STRAIGHT THERE) and getting it dialed in, using a wideband to monitor AFR ont he drive there. Of course, if you're going to do that, the standard base map is just as good... That's the only right way to do this.
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