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Default MAC boost valve parameters/setup?

HELP im i looked up stuff last night and didnt get too far with it. has anyone set one of these up on thier ms yet? what parameters should i start with? i read that its supposed to be ran at 30hz, but theres only 26 or 39, id guess i use 26? what about the rest of the settings tho? then for boost targets do i use closed loop or open loop, closed right? then i just set the targets to map readings not dc? or could someone explain some of this to me, i looked around last night and i couldnt find a whole lot. if anyone could lend a hand itld be appreciated. ive never set one of these up before, i kinda figured there would me more info for the ms guys about it....

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I would use 26hz
connect it up correctly in the wiring. Chose open loop, open the target map, put 0 and see if it builds more boost than wastegate, careful its completely shut off the flow. If it doesn't select all cells again and put 100 instead. We are looking for the same thing, building boost more than wastegate.

Once you verified it is indeed working we can now go on and make more power. I think the open loop table is garbage as it doesn't have corrections for temp, but anyways.

To setup closed loop, we need to have open duty at 100 and closed duty at 0, so make sure 0 is when boost is built over wastegate using the open loop table.

From there enable closed loop, and go to the closed loop table. Within there selet all and put say 20 or 30 kpa over wastegate, say 150kpa is normal wastegate only operation, so 170 would be fien target. Make sure you have overboost protection on, probably 10kpa over target so targate 170, overboost protection at 180.

Now in boost controller settings I'd start with P = 10 if you are running 3.1.0 or higher, lower firmware I'm not sure as the way its done is probably different.
The goal is to get under the target, so in 3rd gear target of 170 and you get near 165 than you can use I value to get it closer iirc and the D value to help dial out any wavies in the boost control.

I'm runnign 3.1.4 beta and using P = 10 I = 2 D = 0
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cool thanks man im gonna figure it out tomarrow after i run the 2 wires, i had a little delay due to a rod deciding to let go last ill see what i can figure out with the settings, i wanna turn it down a little for a week or so to let this motor wear in who knows how long its been
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