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Default upgrade to MS2 - what to mod...

Hi guys,

as I don't seem to have success with my MS1 attempt - I choose to go on and go the way it should be working - standalone MS2

I ordered the following at DIYautotune:
>> [SM-WireBund] $12,00
>> [MS2-DB] CPU - MegaSquirt-II Daughterboard $90,00
>> [mk-RelayCtrl] - PCBv3 and v2.2 -- Relay Control 'ModKit' (VTEC, TVIS,
>> Fans] $5,00
>> [mk-PWMIAC] - PCBv3 -- PWM IAC Valve Control (TIP120) 'Mod-Kit' $7,00

So I did some research on what I need to mod at the board - I would be really thankful if someone could confirm and/or correct or add to it.

MS1 (3.57) to MS2

The basic changes should be:
Remove the old chip - bring 12V to JS9 from S12C

The mods to the board described in post 1 of this thread have to be changed:
1. MOD_13571... Modifications for Miata / DSM ignition
input and output on a V3.57 board. The
CKP signal comes in on pin 24 and the
CMP signal comes in on pin 25. Spark
output A comes out on pin 36, and spark
output B comes out on pin 31.
The spark output mods should be unchanged.
In this picture from the MS2 manual it says R1 has to be removed - correct?

How about the input mods - I am going to use Abe's circuit so what would have to be removed from the board?

2. MOD_1357-... Add boost control mod-kit to V3.57 board
and bring output out on pin 27 on the
The boost output comes out at JS0 - I think that can stay unchanged.

3.MOD_1357-... Launch control input mod on pin 29

Launch control input comes in at JS11 - I also think that can stay unchanged. (Correct?)

4. MOD_1357-... Add jumper for KnockSenseMS to
Megasquirt-I V3.57
Run a jumper from
JS10 to DB15 pin 3.
Knock input is at JS10 which at the MS2 is dedicated to the 2nd trigger input. So I have to move this to JS4 or JS5. See this pin usage chart - pin usage

Thats all for the mods that are already done to the board:

New mods for the standalone situation should be:

Idle valve control:

V3.57 PCB, this is a little tricky so care must be taken. Fit the TIP122 and solder a wire to the base of it and to the right side of R19, next to U8. Then connect the Collector to SPR1 (you can use any of the db15 pads if you wish) and the emittor of the TIP122 connect to a GND pad on the V3.57 pcb. This will give you the FIdle valve output on pin 3 of the db37 connector (or what ever connector the pad you used is connected to), do not use the standard FIdle output connector on pin 30 of the db37. The TIP122 can be mounted on the case or in place of R37 on the heatsink if R37 is linked out, remember it MUST be insulated!

A IN4001 will need to be fitted across the Idle valve, to do this install it externally (on the wiring to the valve is fine) by connecting the banded side of the diode to the 12V supply on the valve and the non-banded side to the FIdle output wire (depends on which SPR connector you used internally)

Could I wire the IN4001 also inside the MS case? I don't see, why this has to be made outside...

One more thing - at the DIYautotune website it says about the Idle mod kit:

This kit will work with both the V2.2 and V3.0 PCBs. (Not needed on PCB 3.57 SMT ECUs)

Why is that?

Fan mod

I have no idea...


This should be all of the mods to the board - of course I would have to do the NB alternator mod.
I got no VICS (1,6) and no A/C - so no need to worry about that.

That is what I know as of today - any input is appreciated.


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Its not needed because the v3.57 already has an upgraded transistor for the Fidle output.

Seeing the through hole resistor mounted in the space for R57 got me thinking, so i checked our mods for the Miata's and it was actually being used for a 5v pull up for the ignition pull up. I didn't think to check and see if we were using it for something else before I told Joe that is wasn't installed.

Last edited by jwx; 10-09-2008 at 11:48 AM. Reason: Cause I am a can't keep stuff straght sometimes. Its a 5v pull up, not a 12v..
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I just removed the R57 - as Matt told me to. Was that wrong?

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