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Default MS1 Resets - Won't Start

I have a '91 1.6 that I've tried to fit a megasquirt to. It's a MS1 v3 with MSNS-E code, I've tried several different versions of code trying to get it going, currently using 029y4a. I built the MS myself years ago and have had it running 2 different engines with no troubles, I recently removed all the previous mods, swapped the jumpers from VR to OPTO, added the circuits for the hall sensors, inverted spark output and fuel pump, removed the fuse for the pump in the engine bay, fitted a vTPS, wired an IAT sensor into the AFM plug and installed it just before the throttle body, pulled an old ECU apart for the connector to make an adapter harness and fitted my LC-1.

Went to start it and it just won't go, after nearly a week of trying everything I can think of I've had it started 3 times, each time it was pure luck that it actually started. The spark outputs are wired up right, I've set the timing with a timing light while cranking with the spark set to 10 degrees.

I've recorded logs and they show a reset just as the engine tries to start, I've recorded logs with the CAS unplugged, no resets, with the injectors unplugged, no resets, with the ignitor unplugged, no resets, it only resets when everything's plugged in and it's just about to start, the few times that it did somehow start it's kept running as long as I want, the first time I stalled it pretty quickly by adjusting the fuel table, the second time, which was a few days later, I had it running for ages, I tuned the idle and started working my way up part throttle while sat still, then decided to switch it off and see if it would start again, it was resetting again but did eventually start, this time I just turned it off and called it a night. That was 2 days ago and I haven't had it started since.

I've tried connecting the ecu straight to the battery, I've tried wiring the fuel pump straight to the battery, I've tried with and without the TPS plugged in, I've tried disconnecting the LC-1, I've checked over the board for failed or misplaced components, I've tried removing the inverted spark mod (and changed the settings in tunerstudio!) and I've tried with and without the cap between JS8 and GND, as well as many other things!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm ready to give up and put it back to standard
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Found the problem just as I was about to put it back to standard, unplugged the idle valve and the resets have gone, just need to figure out why now!
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