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Default MS2e coming.....

Hi guys

I have a MS2e/x coming from Rev but I want to read up on it as much as possible. I presume he just sends out an ecu with a base tune and a pdf manual or instructions wont be included...?

So i have looked around Miata Turbo and am now confused, all the stickies are for MS1PnP and variations and not MS2.

Am i supposed to read those or is the MS2 totally different....

Do we even have a link or sticky to MS2 instructions around here....or should I be here ?

A lot of threads I have been through mention the tables and options as being different, I LIKE to try studying/reading things before hand but dont want to waste time reading/studying the wrong thing......

Any suggestions...?
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You do not need to read ms1 stickies.

You should read the manual for ms2 extra here: MegaSquirt Engine Management Systems although it does not reflect the latest firmware changes nor does it cover the additional features on Rev's enhanced ms2.
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Thank yo very much. I had a feeling I was in the wrong area.

Much appreciated.
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Im running a Rev built MS2E on my 99 with FM turbo, I got a CD with instructions + other items I asked him to include with my ECU (GM air temp sensor and Serial-USB cable). The base map will get you pretty much up and running straight away, if like mine you may have to tune the cold starts for winter temps (mine was hard to start with our low winter temps) but easy enough to get right after a few early morning cold starts (now starts like factory) The ign timing is quite conservative and the fuel settings are a bit rich but its a safe start.
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Hi Guys

Well the MS2e arrived. Unfortunately without instructions, cd or the USB adaptor I also paid for.

I am not having much luck communicating with Reverant so hopefully can ask a few basic questions here....

I have the IAT sensor and a Innovate MTX-L AFR. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to wire these in to the existing harness.

For example does the Wide Band 0-5v lead go to the existing narrow band pins on the ECU harness?

Where do the IAT leads go? (I don't believe this is a factory option, at least on an 89/90 model, so it can't have an existing pin out on the ECU harness to substitute...?)

I have been through the link in the above post but nothing I can see relates to hardware connection, just software settings....I am sure I am missing something obvious (instructions, manual etc...)

EDIT: Typical, soon after posting I just found a generic hardware pinout table!

New questions.

- On the megasquirt page they give a v2.2 and V3.0 pinout guide. Does this relate to the Miata harness as well or is this an internal/generic connector..?

Megasquirt 2 - External wiring layouts

If it is accurate to Miata, then
- WB AFR to pin 23?

- IAT to pin 20?

- Do the grounds HAVE to be to the MS harness or can they be direct to chassis?

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Contact me through email as usual. I'm on vacation right now so I may not respond immediately, if I don't reply back in 24 hours, send your email again.
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